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Ghosts are freaking out sims, so here come the Ghost Hunters. With their incredible ghost-kicking technologies, they get wights and spirits out of the community quickly and securely.

Sims with the Brave or Childish trait will perform better at this, as ghosts don't scare them. A high level in the Logic skill will also help them catch those annoying spirits faster.


Performance boosters

  • Investigation: Investigate Paranormal Activity.
  • Spirits: Collect Spirits.
  • Logic: Logic Skill.


Level Title Weekly salary Start Time Day Length Days Reward
1 Tarot Card Reader $280 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F New outfit
2 Ectoplasm Cleaner $344 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F
3 Spooky Noises Silencer $400 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F
4 Spirit Sweeper $520 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F
5 Scéance Holder $640 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F Spook-o-meter
6 Ghost Grabber $840 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F New outfit
7 Creep Seeker $1144 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F
8 Rare Medium $1480 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F Upgraded Banshee Banisher
9 Outstanding Occultist $1840 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F
10 Paranormal Expert $2480 5:00 PM 10 hours M,T,W,R,F Spirit Scanner

City Hall rewards

  • Spooky Trophy: Catch 15 spirits.
  • Ghost Hunter's Spirit Medal: Deal with 7 Paranormal Investigations.
  • Ghost Hunter's Paranormal Medal: Catch 75 spirits.
  • Ghost Hunter's Bravery Ribbon: Catch 150 spirits.
  • Ghost Hunter's Key to the Town: Reach level 10.
  • Paranormal Memento: Catch 25 spirits at level 10.

Unique interactions

  • Friendly -> Show Off Banshee Banisher.
  • Friendly -> Tell Amazing Ghost Story.


Spirit invasion

A spirit!.

This job consists of catching some group of spirits that are scaring a family. The spirits aren't the familiar ghosts introduced in the original Sims 3, but a new type of paranormal creature. These are colorful semi-humanoid beings that continuously disappear and reappear by the lot.

Each spirit has a color and an age. Both characteristics give them an economic value that you may exploit (see Soul selling). The job is finished when all the spirits are trapped in the capsules that the exiliator produces.

Poltergeist Haunting

Some of the appliances and furniture of a house are possessed by spirits, and you must stop them. It is easier than the spirit invasion, since they don't teleport continuously. The only thing to do is to use the banshee banisher on every affected item to exorcise them.

In the case of failing in the use of the banshee banisher, the spirit effectively exits the current item and slips to a nearby one. Too bad this takes some time, but actually it is the only apparent difficulty in this type of job.

The job is done when all items are exorcised.

Paranormal investigation

Ghostly presence

One of the hardest jobs, appearing only at level 5 or higher of this profession (after receiving the Spook-o-meter), your ghost hunter must use the Spook-o-meter room by room until all the ghosts become visible. If there are no ghosts in the current room, a game message should give a little clue about how far one is from the current location.

Don't expect to have an encounter here with those gassy shapeless spirits. The ghosts in these missions are dead sims with full names that died in the distant past. You may encounter medieval knights, cute princesses, or even stone age sims!

There are two ways to make these ghosts leave. The first way is to gain their friendship by 'Calming about beloved ones' and 'Talking about full afterlife', and then 'Convince for getting off'. Otherwise, simply use the Banshee Banisher on them, but it will usually take some time.

The job finishes when all the ghosts have been convinced or taken away.

Angry ghosts invasion

This is similar to the previous job, but ghosts are visible from the start. They are scaring sims and using house appliances.

Apart form that, this job is the same as above. Actually it is easier, as the ghost hunter doesn't have to spend time searching them.

Spirit Selling

Concealed spirits may be sold for a small profit at the science facility or directly from the inventory window (the pay is minor). They can also be used as decoration or transfigured using the Carter's Display Case from World Adventures.

The price is calculated both on the type of spirit and their age as follows:

Spirit type
Age Kind Friendly Scared Lost Jealous Angry Evil
Young 15 23 30 60 120 180  ???
Old 30 45 60 120 240 360  ???
Ancestral 45 68 90 180 360 540 1300

If the spirit has just been captured, its economic value is 66% higher than the corresponding value in the table. Its worth slowly depreciates over time to the corresponding base value.

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