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New in the EP1: World Adventures expansion pack is the ability to Transfigurate various collectible treasures to create even more rare and valuable treasures.

Transfiguration can be done by placing your collectible treasures on either the small or large Carter's Display Case (found under Buy Mode > Surfaces > Storage). For the large case you will need to place 8 items; the small case requires 10.

After you have filled the case, you can click on the case and choose "Irreversible Transfigurification". Done on a home lot, this costs §500 (vs §2500 on a community lot). The case's surfaces will flip to reveal your new treasure(s).

What you get from transfiguration depends on the input. A lot of the stuff is pseudo-random. This means, for a combination of specific gems, rocks, etc. you will always get the same result, but the game uses a pseudo-random function to determine the output, so it is difficult to predict what you will get before trying a combination.

Technically, it is "transfigurification" as printed in the game - not "transfiguration" but it's just extra typing, so we're leaving off the ifica part here.

Space Rocks

If the display case if full of space rocks, the game will spawn a new large meteor of a random type. In many cases, this will result in a loss of value.


Any gem can be produced in any cut in a Large version using Transfiguration. You can get Polished Split Cut pink diamonds, Large Spire Cut Quartz, and any other combination using Transfiguration - creating a complete collection just got a whole lot more complicated!

  • Skull Cut: Place at least 5 different cuts of gems to receipe a Skull Cut version of that gem. The type of gem will be pseudo-randomly chosen from the input gems - use all of the same type in at least five different cuts to be sure of the gem you want.
  • Soulpeace: Place at least 5 different types of gem to recieve an uncut Soulpeace gem. Make sure to use 2-4 different cuts or you'll get a large gem or skull cut instead.
  • Large Gems: Fill the case with all the same gem in all the same cut (for example, 10 Oval Cut Emeralds) to get a large version of that same gem and cut (1 Large Oval Cut Emerald, for this example). Large versions of gems are worth twice as much as their regular sized versions.
  • Any Cut/Any Gem: Otherwise (if you do not fulfill the conditions for one of the three options above), the game will give you a large gem with a type and cut chosen from the input gems. For example transfiguring emeralds and diamonds could either result in a large diamond or a large emerald. And transfiguring heart shaped and oval shaped gems could result in a large either heart or oval shaped gem.

Skulls & Various Gem Cuts from Transfiguration


  • Large Ingots: Fill the case with all the same type of ingot (for example, 10 Gold Ingots) to recieve one large ingot of the same type (1 Large Gold Ingot, for this example).
  • Compendium: Place 2 to 4 different types of metals to get a Compendium ingot. Compendium's value is 25% more than the input metals.
  • Supernovium: Place 5 or more different types of metals to get a Supernovium ingot.
  • Stacked Ingots: Place a stack of ingots and the game can spawn additional ingots of a random type.
  • Mummy Teddy Bears: If at least one of the metal bars is Mummitomium, and it is between 1am and 5am, it will spawn a mummy teddy bear. This is not a good outcome since mummy teddy bears are easily purchasable in Egypt for much less than Mummitomium (or the 500 simoleons to perform the transfiguration).


The game will spawn an urn if it is filled with spirits of the same type. The urn's ghost is most likely to be white and the ghost's trait will be random (see the table below).

Spirit Type Traits
Kind/Friendly Family Oriented, Good, Good Sense of Humor, Friendly, Charismatic, Virtuoso, Loves the Outdoors
Scared Insane, Coward, Loner, Unlucky, Neurotic, Light Sleeper, Hydrophobic, Tecnophobe
Lost Loner, Neurotic, Absent-Minded, Artistic, Unflirty, Unlucky, No Sense of Humor, Light Sleeper
Jealous Loner, Hopeless Romantic, Over Emotional, Family Oriented, Clumsy, Childish, Insane
Angry Mean Spirited, Evil, Grumpy, Hot-Headed, Hates the Outdoors, Can't Stand Art, Kleptomaniac

Mixed Collections

Placing a mixture of types of items (smelted metals, cut gems, and collectible relics) results in a mixed collection. The outcome of Transfiguring a mixed collection is based on the total value of the items used.

Value Threshhold Result
200 Common, uncommon, or rare seed with average quality of Nice
500 §350-700
1000 22-40 Ancient Coins
3500 A Magic Gnome
5000 Uncut Tiberium
12000 Fragment of Pushable Statue, Dive Well, Plain Sarcophagus, Egyptian Sarcophagus, or Sarcophagus of the Kings
25000 Fragment of Sarcophagus of the Kings
50000 §22000-27000 bottle of nectar, 100-200 years old
100000 §45000-55000 bottle of nectar, 300-500 years old
150000 §75000-110000 bottle of nectar, between 700-900 years old
150001 §75000-110000 bottle of nectar, between 700-900 years old


  • For transfiguration purposes, invest in a Carter's Display Case - XL Edition, as it only requires 8 items for transfiguration as opposed to the usual 10.

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