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World luckypalms.png

Lucky Palms, the 5th Store world was released on 28 Jun 2012 with 2 versions: Standard (aka LuckyPalmsStandard) and Gold (aka LuckyPalmsDeluxe). It is designated as a Suburb.

Release Date

Jun 28, 2012





  • LuckyPalmsStandard.Sims3Pack
  • Cost: 2450 simpoints
  • Total no of new items:
  • Includes Premium Items:
    1. Wishing Well


  • LuckyPalmsDeluxe.Sims3Pack
  • Cost:
    • 3700 simpoints (launch discount until Oct 01, 2012)
    • 4350 simpoints
  • Total no of items:
  • Includes Premium Items:
    1. Wishing Well
    2. The Lucky Simoleon Casino venue "featuring"
      • Triple Riches Slots O’Jackpots Slot Machine
      • Hit ‘em Harder Blackjack Table

New Objects

Category Thum Name Price PackagedFileName
Build, Shrubs Yucca Plant without Blossoms 45 0x9cf8656e2f6c4263812697640c72983c.package
Build, Trees Palm Royal 165 0xca0de9ce98144e3590f4bb850d72126f.package
Buy, Room, Dining, Dining Table
Buy, Function, Surface, Dining Tables
The Wong Way Bistro Table 275 0xad2af054fcca4256bd5da5673a796683.package
Buy, Bedroom/Living/Dining/Study, Wall Decorations
Buy, Function, Decor, Wall Decorations
Mysterious Modern Masterpiece 330 0x625033c338184872beae01037228d2ca.package
Buy, Room, Outdoors, Outdoor Activities
Buy, Function, Plumbing, Misc Plumbing
Desert Oasis Hot Tub 5500 0xb906e9271e6c4487a44baa19b5dc6536.package
Buy, Room, Dining, Dining Chair
Buy, Function, Comfort, Dining Chairs
The Wong Way Bistro Chair 140 0x61bda9ec79e54de0b75412dad4e0e0bc.package
Buy, Room, Outdoors, Outdoor Seating
Buy, Function, Decor, Misc Decor
Weather Blocker 80 0x8ba3ffde9744442ab8e6b67935fc1f16.package
Debug, Misc Objects Modern Mailbox 0 0xaa12208143ae4246af13e91d46fc7ed2.package
Build, Trees Desert Palm Tree 335 0x74932f37f9684aa0a2195c2fb6709096.package
Build, Columns Heavenly Bells Slanted Column 200 0x0c685c8a6bc041b3bc4c118961b1c496.package
Build, Columns Heavenly Bells Slanted Column (TwoStory) 400 0xcb5337ee04ef47d0a3f1d24e4bdd6f05.package
Build, Columns Heavenly Bells Slanted Column (ThreeStory) 600 0x3eae888823d84c37a4a98cce3e49b0a2.package
Build, Windows Clearstory Rectangular Window 400 0x16f8d032a92f4cb59a86bac10bcc0c78.package
Buy, Room, Dining, Curtains & Blinds
Buy, Function, Decor, Curtains & Blinds
Contemporary Curtains by Dave 44 0xf8c93b12bd224cb390586dbbd6ae16c4.package
Build, Trees Yucca Plant with Blossoms 45 0x18ea8da956504f47b249fed54041ef9f.package
Build, Trees Prickly Pear Cactus 155 0x1e59d60a402f4c8fb34119112f7de2f6.package
Build, Trees Prickly Pear Cactus with Orange Flowers 155 0x668a7acf550e470f913d6549a656a8fc.package
Build, Trees Prickly Pear Cactus with Fuchsia Flowers 155 0x5eee138662264cd98071e5e3680eab3d.package
Build, Trees Prickly Pear Cactus with Yellow Flowers 155 0x3e8266b752fe499398df4a07f40e9c63.package
Build, Windows Clearstory 3-Tier Window 500 0x90d2f396e4084f6abe2559bf69916b6d.package
Build, Trees Joshua Tree 115 0x525f579af28347d5ae99ab161503e8cb.package
Build, Shrubs Desert Debris 5 0xd486c5e288074c8b9ff9954f8247ab00.package
Build, Fences Sectional Cement Fence 35 0x3ae77f36890c45fcbb3f123caabc1636.package
Build, Trees Mesquite Tree 250 0x57f20e49ca614113844e0c2b566525de.package
Buy, Room, Bedroom/Living/Dining, Plants
Buy, Function, Decor, Plants
The Sun's Garden 125 0xce0457d346e04f3089de87fd29e18bd4.package
Build, Trees Mesquite Shrubbery 30 0x3065d5b71c54489a807d205bd5f6b159.package
Debug, Misc Objects Pier Piece I 0 0xc207599a3a1c4c91936478de4642cd23.package
Debug, Misc Objects Pier Piece II 0 0xb4c6357e1f784c49aa94dddc72f78224.package
Debug, Misc Objects Pier Piece III 0 0x5f6060d26ae54678869e850f25118e5e.package
Debug, Misc Objects Pier Piece IV 0 0x61da3ee9f5484a96b280422d615ca07d.package
Debug, Misc Objects Dustin' Rocks 0 0xea1bc58e41aa48a9ac94a9c70eaab8ef.package
Debug, Misc Objects Small Dustin' Rocks 0 0xdee4b5be6b0a465da838a1b4d2ae96df.package
Debug, Misc Objects Wind Turbine 2500 0xf52326f9d3e140e182bb5a6f5015c294.package
Debug, Misc Objects Wind Turbine 2500 0x657da883c2b24fa1b0252b7d1e23ae58.package
Debug, Misc Objects Wind Turbine 2500 0x10295dd765604200b0a9130946453a92.package
Debug, Misc Objects Custer's Cattle Guard 100 0xf16d3123b7774c40827eab2ddfa29f19.package
Debug, Misc Objects Trashcan 0 0x3b3a6de96a9642958759625e19259f13.package
CAS, Young Adult/Adult, Male, Outfit The Fortunate Fool's Suit 0 0xd42fc03f5ab64622a4f10ab014ae1fca.package
CAS, Young Adult/Adult, Female, Outfit Lucky Eight Ball Dress 0 0x4782c8fb5c5d4b9cb85a95790c1dbca9.package
Build, Community, Buildings Athletic Announcement Sign 0 0x998dcda834c44e6dbd63c44ce92bb645.package
Buy, Room, Outdoors, Lawn Ornaments
Buy, Function, Decor, Misc Decor
Wishing Well 1500 0x467f3ebca64d45b495a0ca2ab0ee6fdf.package
accessoryFrog_DOT05 100 0x471216ea194d4465a259e185d6a42a5c.package
accessoryCarKeys 100 0x2d7a14a06c1f4ab7911e806097383a71.package
Lucky Coin 1500 0xaa7c9c529fbd412eaa17dc57f0203e04.package
Deluxe (Items in the Casino Comm Lot)
Category Thum Name Price PackagedFileName
mirrorWallClubC2x1 1 0xb53c6114f0744b4387e8acd704b21c26.package
Nectar is Necessary Bar 1100 0xa46fbcb2676a42c3bbfd7aca3a3dc826.package
Nectar is Necessary Barstool 310 0x39b401948f6b4aa88a85a64f26cb0755.package
The Lucky Simoleon Casino Sign 2000 0x12699c3789b041728879391713fa272e.package
Casino Column 350 0x3e4e6ffe863245f2bc089249e79bd536.package
Casino Column (TwoStory) 350 0xd27eec4c229b41d39aad95e28e5d993c.package
Casino Column (ThreeStory) 350 0x65ad3326e79b461391c378168a74a9b3.package
Simoleons in Love Fountain 75000 0xb96264ea046542e7a38a7ccc7b6b77e3.package
The Not-So-Modern Wall Sculpture 300 0x18d8833cd5d94e3f9a11b9dbed9e001c.package
The Window to Prosperity 150 0x794f50e0e9524955a534e864a26441a0.package
Lucky'n'Love-seat 800 0x86ebe76a14034708854ac5bcae36cf44.package
Buy, Function, Entertainment, Misc Entertainment Triple Riches Slots O'Jackpots Slot Machine 1000 0xbd5fde723ca244c0ab1e2622d913d8b1.package
Hit 'em Harder Blackjack Table 4000 0x018b682343ad46d2be4d412ccf1847d9.package

New Features

Skill: Gambling

Community Lots

The Lucky Simoleon Casino venue
Pack in-game Image in-game Catalog Name Lot Info (Addr, Size, Zone)
File:Store.png The Lucky Simoleon Casino The Overlook,



World luckypalms.png Lucky Palms (recolors: 13; new: 1)
Pack MapTag s3oc Image s3oc ResourceName in-game Image in-game Catalog Name Lot Info (Addr, Size, Zone) Grid Size
File:Store.png Bistro Bistro bistro_DOT05 The Blooming Cactus Bistro The Overlook,
File:Store.png Bookstore Bookstore bookstore_DOT05 The Solitary Novel 69 Lake Access Road,
File:Store.png Business Business business_DOT05 Sahara Corporate Headquarters 100 Sahara Boulevard,
File:Store.png CityHall CityHall cityhall_DOT05 City Hall 10 Civic Circle,
File:Store.png Criminal Criminal criminal_DOT05 The Warehouse 103 Lakeside Drive,
File:Store.png DaySpa DaySpa dayspa_DOT05 Silver Swallow Day Spa 25 River Road,
File:Store.png Diner Diner diner_DOT05 Desert Diner 62 Wellspring Parkway,
File:Store.png Grocery Grocery grocery_DOT05 Goody's Groceries 90 Sonora Street,
Sims3 icon.png Hospital Hospital Hospital Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital 25 Civic Circle,
File:Store.png MilitaryBase MilitaryBase militaryWingNut_DOT05 Desert Arms Military Base 145 Lakeside Drive,
File:Store.png PoliceStation PoliceStation police_DOT05 Local Law Enforcement 30 Civic Circle,
File:Store.png School School school_DOT05 Brittlebush Academy 19 Civic Circle,
File:Store.png ScienceLab ScienceLab scienceLab_DOT05 Area-52 Test Labs 105 Lakeside Drive,
File:Store.png Stadium Stadium stadium_DOT05 Lucky Llamas Stadium 100 Sahara Boulevard,
File:Store.png Theatre Theatre movieTheater_DOT05 Imagine That! Theater 94 Sonora Street,


Known Issues

  • Caused crashing when uninstalled (Fixed)
  • World Routing
  • Mis-categorized items
    • In Sims3Launcher is not a "world" but an "object"
    • Weather Blocker in "Outdoor Seating"
  • Non-CASTable and wallmasks
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