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Sims 4 Tips and Tricks and Bugs

RightArrow.gif Multitasking Tips

Base Game

Multi-Tasking Tips

  • "Why work on one need at a time when in TS4 you can fulfill 2 or 3 at once?"
  • "Place a book or Tablet in the selected Sim's inventory. Use it before going to the bathroom. Your Sim will continue to work on his/her fun skill reading the the bathroom."
  • "Have your Sim watch TV while eating to fulfill their fun need. Your Sim will benefit more when the fun rating is higher. Have your Sims eat together to fulfill their social needs at the same time."
  • "Showers provide more benefits for your Sim's emotions than do baths but showers take longer."

by Dougstar274

RightArrow.gif Needs & Emotion management

Base Game

  • "Rather than waste time looking for the toilet or shower you can simply click on the need icon and your Sim can go off and fulfill that need. This is a handy thing but depending on how you like to manage your Sim you may find it still better to manually fulfill hunger as your Sim will often get a quick meal and not satisfy the entire bar. This is entirely up to preference though as quick meals can save time throughout the day." by Dougstar274
  • "Speaking of saving time. I recommend that unless your Sim is a chef they should always cook 8 serving meals. Why? Because it means your Sim won't have to waste time cooking later on in life. This is something we all do to save time in real life but I'm surprised at how many simmers still prefer to make single serving meals. Unless you're broke their is no excuse in my honest opinion!" by Dougstar274
  • "Get into the habit of greeting your neighbors on the street, especially early on in the game when you have no friends. A lot of people find socializing is slower now and to speed this up drastically you should boost your Sims confidence. Having a confident Sim will mean that his interactions are more successful and impact the friend bar. This can be achieved easiest by checking self out in the mirror. Likewise if you wish to have your Sim gain a lover which is now separate you should hop that Sim into a steamy shower to get them into a flirty mood. Remember that these two bars are separate now so you don't need to be friends with someone to be successful with flirty interactions. A lot comes down to EMOTIONS." by Dougstar274
  • "Many people don't realize how awesome the coffee and tea machines are now. They allow you to influence your mood to any career mindset you require so it's a good idea to have one in the morning before work. Whether you needs focus or confidence or inspiration this item has you covered. The two most important items a starter house should grab is a decent bed and coffee/tea machine in my opinion. Make sure you choose the right one to match your career choice." by Dougstar274

RightArrow.gif Satisfaction Points

Base Game

"Personally I am not a fan of some of these satisfaction bonuses as they are so OP (overpowered) and not particularly challenging to obtain. However if you wish to get the most out of your life the no brainer is Never Weary. This OP bonus allows you to never sleep again. I hate it as this is just stupid and will take all the fun out of your game. I hope Maxis considers dropping this to what it was in TS3 and decreasing sleep duration to 3-4 hours instead. I mean if I wanted to have a supersim I would just turn on testingcheatsenabled and make needs static. However it probably has it's fans so I'll advise that rather than waste any SP points just save up immediately for Never Weary (which won't take you that long anyway)" by Dougstar274

RightArrow.gif Sleeping - Advanced Tips

Base Game

  • "Invest in the best bed straight away. An Energy 4 bed takes 10 hours to replenish your sleep from the red zone along with giving your sim a sore back most days. It takes 6 hours to replenish your sleep with an Energy 10 bed along with the added benefits of 10 stress and discomfort reduction (stabilizes and boosts trait emotions). You would be surprised how beneficial a $12,000 bed is to your Sim's life."by Dougstar274
  • "I did some further research into studying sim sleeping habits. If you are really into micro management still then you should make your sim sleep for 4 hours and wake them up for 2-3 hours and then rest them until morning. This is how our ancestors used to sleep and will allow your needs to stay stabilised better throughout the day (you also don't have to waste time going to the bathroom or eat a meal before bed because you can do this in your mid cycle). I recommend something light through the night like reading a book or socializing with your sims partner. So an example of how I do this is get my sim to go to bed at 8:30 and wake-up at 12:30 stay up until 2:30-3:30 and go back to sleep until (4:30am). This makes your cycle 5 hours instead of 6 and as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said how can you compete fairly with someone who is up longer than you. The other great trick to this is even if you use a energy 6 bed you can get by with 6 hours." by Dougstar274

RightArrow.gif Work and Skill Building

Base Game

  • "It is very important that you attend work in the best mood obtainable as was the case in the past titles. However you must now try extra hard to get your Sim into the right emotion mindset to maximize their work performance. I won't go into this in great detail but entertainers require inspiration and tech guru's require focused (I think?). Having certain traits such as genius (focus) and creative (inspired) will give you a leg up so that's something to keep in mind." by Dougstar274
  • "Skill building can be increased faster based on emotion too. If your Sim is angry, don't waste his emotion by calming him down in the mirror. Send him off to the gym to work it off. If your Sim is very inspired send him immediately to an easel or guitar to build his creative skills. It's not rocket science to work this out though having a focused genius will certainly help build that career/skill." by Dougstar274

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