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Notable new items include:

  • Wands, brooms, and a broom arena for witches.
  • A beehive, and beekeper's hat
  • Alchemy station
  • Gem cutting machine
  • Train set
  • The return of Bonehilda, the skeleton maid
  • "Smack a gnome" and "The Claaaaw" games
  • Miniature faerie homes
  • "Planter bowls"

Pots that allow plantable items to be grown indoors

  • The Jelly Bean bush

An indoor plant with harvestable jelly beans that may cause death. The jelly bean death ghost is purple and neon blue with jelly beans floating in it's stomach.

  • Haunted paintings

Found in the painting subsection with purple and white outlines, these paintings change their appearance during the full moon. Their descriptions suggest that either the subject of the painting or the painter haunts the picture.

  • Magic mirror
  • Police box transporter- the LLAMA
  • Occult sim "Scary Bearys"

Included are a fairy, genie, imaginary friend, mummy, robo-bearbot, vampire, warewolf and witch

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