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PC Game Update for 1.39


To install this update, please start your game and use the “Updates” tab in your Launcher.

This game update includes the following changes:


  • Zombies will no longer continue to spawn after a Full Moon ends when the game has been saved during a Full Moon. A new saved game must be created for this fix to take effect.

PC Game Update for 1.38


This game update includes the following changes:

Base Game

  • New decorative drainpipes, roof cornices, wall patterns, a bookcase, and neighborhood rock objects.
  • New Create a Sim controls for ears, nostrils, jaw, and skin color.
  • Updated collection journal to track collectables.
  • Online Feature Updates:
    • Send or receive a surprise gift box to/from your friends! It could contain anything from a chunk of Simoleons to a painting, or even a car!
    • Receive an Elixir from Supernatural players containing magical properties that will affect your Sim’s lives!

Late Night

  • New moodlets and socials for Vampires.


  • You can now browse a larger selection of our most popular Store content directly in Buy Mode!

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Direct downloads

Links to update your game manually are located in

Actual changes

For those interested in the technical bits, here's some information on what the patch actually added, deleted and updated:

  • 12 files added
  • 1 file deleted
  • 124 files updated

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