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PC Game Update for 1.39

This game update includes the following changes:


  • Zombies will no longer continue to spawn after a Full Moon ends when the game has been saved during a Full Moon. A new saved game must be created for this fix to take effect.
  • For more information about this patch, refer to: A note on update 1.39

Patch notes copied from

Direct downloads

Links to update your game manually are located in

Actual changes

For those interested in the technical bits, here's some information on what the patch actually added, deleted and updated:

  • 0 files added
  • 0 file deleted
  • 54 files updated

SuperPatcher vs Incremental

The differences between the 2 is just the date stamp as I presume they were compiled on different days. The SuperPather data is on the left and the Incremental's is on the right. The file sizes, however, are identical.

My methodology: Patched using Incremental and then Superpatcher, both times from 1.38 as the previous version. I copied the Superpatched Sims 3 Files to a separate HDD as I did that first. And then I patched using the Incremental and that is where the game is installed in my secondary HDD. I then used a software called FreeFileSync to do the comparison and generate the report in .csv which I then reformatted to wiki.

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