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Why reinvent the wheel? Carl's Sims 4 Guide Community has already made a great tutorial.

The site discusses Sims 4 aliens from Sixam: Abductions, Male Pregnancy and Brain Powers.

Alien Abductions

Sims in the Scientist Career have a higher chance of being abducted. For players who don't want to be a scientist and want to be abducted use this cheat.

  1. Control + Shift + C
  2. bb.showhiddenobjects
  3. Enter Buy Mode (F2)
  4. Type 'satellite' into the search box
  5. Satellite in misc electronics will appear - place it
  6. Now you may either stop abductions for 24 hours by clicking it, or make a Sim more likely to be abducted by selecting 'Contact Aliens'

The satellite on your lot also gives access to the Alien Channel on TV.


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