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Why doesn't a talk page for this article exist? Why is this article locked?

IT'S WRONG. There are THREE ways to control the gender of a baby. The third requires InSiminator, a cheat, and one expansion of OFB or later, but results in an actual genetic merger with two different sims and always produces the correct gender.

First, get a sim pregnant. With that sim selected, open the cheat window and type "forcetwins" (for a boy) or "forcetwins girls" (for a girl). This cheat only works if Open for Business or a later expansion pack has been installed. Finally, still with the pregnant sim active, select the InSiminator or the reproduction adjuster, select "Change Number of Babies", and pick "Single".

  • Talk pages are created as talk is generated for them - no reason to have a bunch of talk pages with nothing on them. All articles in the Game Help section are locked to prevent tampering and people adding incorrect information - like your info above. Genetics are determined at birth, as evidenced by the ability to be able to get a sim pregnant and then re-randomize genetics to have a "non-firstborn" child - no merging happens here. "Forcetwins girl" only "works" because the game is not looking for a variable on that cheat. You can enter "forcetwins parrot" if you like but it has no bearing on what the sim will actually give birth to. I tested this and though I did get a long string of girls at first using "forcetwins girl" I then started getting a mixture of boys and girls - which well within the expected norms for statistic probability of it still being 50/50 as expected. HystericalParoxysm 09:01, 14 March 2008 (CDT)
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