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Handwatering is presumably better because you get the water level higher than the sprinklers do. I asked Pescado stupid questions about overwatering and sprinkler coverage and got good answers here,9442.0.html

"Redundant sprinkler coverage does not overwater plants. Sprinklers don't truly "water" like that, they merely "set" a plant's water level, if not higher, to 5. The effect is not additive and multiple sprinklers will not overwater the plant."

"All plots within the green squares of the sprinkler are watered equally. The spheroid is purely graphical., a 4x4 sprinkler covers the entire 4x4 area even though the corners may appear to receive poor coverage. overwatered is something around 40."

You don't need to water orchard trees.

Sims join the garden club individually (NOT as a family) and the garden club insist on a gap between visits to the lot - 3 days I think. So be careful who calls the club; Mum calling for an inspection won't satisfy Dad's want to get a perfect garden score and if she calls, he can't call again for 3(?) days.

The fixed garden plots are useful if you want roof gardens

Juice goes off after 24hrs and you can't put it in the fridge or inventory without hacks like this one

Orangeaid gives points towards a badge - may or may not be enough for the sim to get a new badge. People think it means you should always get a badge. There was a also bug with juice in Seasons that was fixed in patch. Before I patched my sims kept getting badge points for things they already had a gold badge in. Post patch, I think you get any old badge points randomly - I'm pretty sure you don't need to have points in that area already.

Q: Does the quality of the vegetables and fruits make a difference to the juice? A: Dizzy: "I'm not sure of the exact calculation (looks complicated), but you can achieve three different intensities of juice. Generally, you can expect nothing from low, a moderate effect from medium, and a strong effect from high intensity."

There are some hacks giving better ways of storing fruit than the maxis juicer at (MATY, simwardrobe).

I have a couple of questions I'd like to see answered here... 1. What happens to leftovers and fresh food if you sell your fridge? I haven't tried moving house, but if you stay on the lot and just replace the fridge, I think your fresh food points get transferred but your leftovers don't. (needs confirming!)

2. Do plants in the greenhouse grow equally well all year round or do the harvesting and planting bonuses still apply?

3. I'd love to know the radius covered by the ladybug lofts. 2x2 or 3x3 or what?

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