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Can we edit the "What is a hack conflict?" section, specifically so that the bullet reads as follows, so that we don't have to keep giving these instructions to people we give this link to? I would edit it myself but I am not authorised.

  • You may be able to detect hack conflicts by using the Hack Conflict Detection Utility by Paladin at (Select "Sims 2" button from top left, and then choose "Programs") - while it is not 100% reliable it may help if you are running into problems that you believe may be due to conflicting hacks.

Also, can we add the following to the end of the first "What Are Hacks... and How Can They Effect My Game?" section.

"You can see which hacks are in your game during start up - see Overrides for more details on what the various indications in the start up custom content window mean."

And finally, can we correct the spelling of that section title (since you're in there anyway!!)

What Are Hacks... and How Can They Affect My Game?
What Are Hacks... and How Can They have an Effect My Game?

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