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Who are we? is a site dedicated to tweaking, changing and generally messing about with the Sims 2 game to provide an experience far beyond basic gameplay.

The site was started by Aobh (Irish) and Delphy (English) - Aobh being the girl and Delphy being the boy for the chronically confused. After the success of their first modding site, ModTheSingles, and with the good fortune of getting an advance copy of The Sims 2, it really was only a matter of time before ModTheSims2 was born. Aobh has since moved onto other things, and we all wish her luck in whatever endeavour she chooses.

Initially thought of as simply a technical resource, MTS2 grew very rapidly once the game was released in September 2004, becoming the premier Sims 2 modding site on the internet, where many of the breakthroughs and developments in the community happen. We were the first to do object recolours, both of existing recolourable objects and original Maxis creations (the CEP project). We have an extensive Wiki with details on the vast majority of the Sims 2 file formats, and we were also the first to put custom 3d meshes into the game.

MTS2 is at the cutting edge of Sims 2's development as a highly moddable game, but above all, our philosophy has always been to provide the resources and downloads at no cost to the end user. Yes, thats right - it's free. We exist solely on the generous donations of the userbase, but we don't require you to give anything.

We have a dedicated staff that run as a close-knit team, and are always looking at ways of improving the site to the casual browser, while keeping it in the same style of openess and fairness that it has been built on.

Technical details

MTS2 runs on vBulletin 3.0.7 with the following hacks installed
  • Thumbnails on Forumdisplay by Delphy
  • Reported Posts v2 by Erwin
  • Auto-move deleted threads to archive by Delphy
  • Auto-close threads in certain forums by Delphy
  • Welcome PM by rob_daemon

The MTS2 template is by Delphy and there are multiple hacks in the backend to produce the look and feel.


Some interesting statistics about the site:

Month Visits Pageviews
Apr 2006 1,532,378 24,018,741
May 2006 - -
Jun 2006 - -
Jul 2006 - -
Aug 2006 - -
Sep 2006 1,620,734 29,370,917
Oct 2006 2,157,925 37,499,672
Nov 2006 2,495,950 43,792,349
Dec 2006 2,359,385 43,958,540

Site Admins


Delphy (otherwise known as Stuart) is the modder and arch geek of the site - he's fiddled with everything from Impossible Creatures, to the two Homeworld games, The Singles and a ton of other stuff that he can never remember. Delphy is an admin over at the Relic news forums and even had the good fortune of being flown to Canada for the ICU (Impossible Creatures University), courtesy of Microsoft.

Delphy will mod anything that breathes (including the hot water boiler, his PDA, other peoples PDAs, anything cable related...).


Daysies is the co-admin, and deals with day-to-day administration of the site and parts of the moderation queue.

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