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Object Key - OBJK
Game Version:The Sims 3



Identifies what kind of object this is and what its behaviour is.


DWORD version // 7
DWORD TGI_offset // see Sims 3:Key table
DWORD TGI_size   // see Sims 3:Key table

// Components - see below 
BYTE count1
--repeat count1 times
   DWORD Component ID

// Component data - see below
BYTE count2
--repeat count2 times
   DWORD length
   BYTE type // see below

BYTE VisibilityFlag

--insert TGI Block List


The IDs are derived from an FNV32 hash of the Component name. Each component defines an aspect of the object, and may require specific data (see below) supplied.

ID Component Comments
0x1A8fEB14 Physics Always included except for plants
0x22706EFA Sim Object is a sim (simOutfitKey optional)
0x23177498 Script Object has a game script (scriptClass key required)
0x2954E734 Model Object has a model (modelKey required) - unused for plants
0x2EF1E401 Slot (Unused)
0x3AE9A8E7 Sacs Object can have SACS scripts (jazz data - does not include being used as a prop)
0x461922C8 Location Object can have its own location (As opposed to only being attached to other objects)
0x50B3D17C VisualState (Unused)
0x54CB7EBB Transform Always included
0x61BD317C Steering Object can move through the world on its own, aside from "teleportation" (Requires steeringInstance)
0x6693C8B3 LotObject Always included
0x80D91E9E Effect (Unused)
0xC602CD31 Tree Object is a tree (modelKey should point to SPT data)
0xC807312A Footprint Object has a footproint (footprintKey should be present)
0xDA6C50FD Lighting (Unused)
0xEE17C6AD Animation Object can be animated (Does not count moving because it is attached to another object which animates)

Component data

String entries in the second repetition relate to "ResourceComponentTypes":

Key Data type Component Comment
allowObjectHiding UInt32 - value always 0(?); presence indicates the object obscures the selected sim from the camera
footprintKey ResourceKey Footprint Only used if modelKey is not a VPXY
modelKey AssetResourceName




References a VPXY

References SPT data

scriptClass String Script Class name to instantiate to simulate this object
simOutfitKey ResourceKey Sim Optional when the Sim component is included

Points to a sim outfit (XML or binary)

steeringInstance SteeringInstance Steering Required if Steering component included

Can be Car, Bicycle or Sim

Component data types

type represents to a "ComponentDataType", which is defined as the following basic data type:

type ComponentDataTypes data
00 String DWORD(length) STRING[length]
01 ResourceKey DWORD index to TGI64 at end
02 AssetResourceName DWORD index to TGI64 at end
03 SteeringInstance DWORD(length) STRING[length]
04 UInt32 DWORD


value Description
00 VisibleAlways
01 VisibleInToolsOnly
02 VisibleAsDistantTerrain

(original analysis by atavera, I think)

Modding Reference by Category

Sims 3 :DBPF | File Types | RCOL(Scene) | Catalog Resource | String Table | Key Table | TS3 Programmer's Reference 

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