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Sea.ini is an INI file controlling visual tunings related to the ocean and, if no Pond.ini is loaded, to ponds on lots. Colors for the sea are influenced by separate color ramps in DDS format. Builders may find that, despite not understanding what each tuning does, they can get nice effects by trial and error. However those with a clear understanding of each tuning's effect can share their research in the annotations below. For more information on using this file see the tutorial on tuning world climates.

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Annotated Format

Format Notes
(Wiki editor annotations in green - EA annotations in red)

;; Tunable Parameters Related to Sea





; Texture coordinate scales for normal map levels 1 and 2

Level1ScaleU=Numerical range?

Level1ScaleV=Numerical range?

Level2ScaleU=Numerical range?

Level2ScaleV=Numerical range?

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