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By Atavera (additions by Delphy & simsmx)

Flags for the CAS parts. Used by:

Sims 3:0x034AEECB - CAS Part Data - CASP
Sims 3:0x0358B08A - Face Part - FACE
Sims 3:0x062C8204 - Clothing Part - BBLN


[0x00000001] = Hair
[0x00000002] = Scalp
[0x00000004] = Face Overlay
[0x00000008] = Body
[0x00000010] = Accessory

Age, Species, Gender and Handedness

Age Flags

One byte:

[0x01] = Baby
[0x02] = Toddler
[0x04] = Child
[0x08] = Teen
[0x10] = Young Adult
[0x20] = Adult
[0x40] = Elder
[0x80] = -

Species / Gender

One byte, split into two.

Species Value

Low four bits:

[0x1] = Human
[0x2] = Horse
[0x3] = Cat
[0x4] = Dog
[0x5] = LittleDog
[0x6] = Deer
[0x7] = Raccoon

Gender Flags

High four bits:

[0x1] = Male
[0x2] = Female
[0x4] = -
[0x8] = -

Handedness Flags

Not clear... currently deemed two bytes... also seems to be 0x0000 or 0x0001...

[0x0010] = LeftHanded
[0x0020] = RightHanded
[0x0040] = -
[0x0080] = -

Clothing Category

Value Description
0x00000000 None
0x00000001 Naked
0x00000002 Everyday
0x00000004 Formalwear
0x00000008 Sleepwear
0x00000010 Swimwear
0x00000020 Athletic
0x00000040 Singed
0x00000080 MartialArts
0x00000100 Career
0x00000200 FireFighting
0x00000400 Makeover
0x00000800 SkinnyDippingTowel
0x00001000 Racing
0x00002000 Jumping
0x00004000 Bridle
0x00007000 Markings (non-Horse)
0x00010000 Child Imagination
0x00020000 Special
0x00040000 Outerwear
0x00080000 Supernatural
0x0007FFFF CategoryMask
0x00100000 ValidForMaternity
0x00200000 ValidForRandom
0x00400000 IsHat
0x00800000 IsRevealing
0x01000000 IsHiddenInCAS
0x02000000 RegionHead
0x04000000 RegionChest
0x06000000 RegionBelly
0x08000000 RegionBack
0x0A000000 RegionTail
0x0C000000 RegionFrontLeftLeg
0x0E000000 RegionFrontRightLeg
0x10000000 RegionRearLeftLeg
0x12000000 RegionRearRightLeg
0x14000000 RegionAll
0x1E000000 RegionMask
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