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The following resource types are used for catalog entries.

Type ID Tag Name
0x0418FE2A CFEN Catalog Fence
0x049CA4CD CSTR Catalog Stairs
0x04AC5D93 CPRX Catalog Proxy Product
0x04B30669 CTTL Catalog Terrain Geometry Brush
0x04C58103 CRAL Catalog Railing
0x04ED4BB2 CTPT Catalog Terrain Paint Brush
0x04F3CC01 CFIR Catalog Fireplace
0x060B390C CWAT Catalog Terrain Water Brush
0x0A36F07A CCFP Catalog Fountains and Pools
0x316C78F2 CFND Catalog Foundation
0x319E4F1D OBJD Catalog Object
0x515CA4CD CWAL Catalog Wall/Floor Pattern
0x9151E6BC CWST Catalog Wall Style
0x91EDBD3E CRST Catalog Roof Style
0xF1EDBD86 CRMT Catalog Roof Pattern



This block appears in all Catalog Resources. The name and description GUIDs can be looked up in the STBL.

DWORD Version		// Earliest seen is 0x0000000C
QWORD Name GUID		// Key into STBL for localised value to display
QWORD Desc GUID		// Key into STBL for localised value to display
7BITSTR			// "Internal" Catalog Name
7BITSTR			// "Internal" Catalog Description
FLOAT price
FLOAT NicenessMultiplier	// always 1.0
FLOAT CrapScore		// binary zeros
BYTE (BuildBuyProductStatusFlags)
QWORD IID of PNG icon	// When not zero, this is the catalogue thumbnail;
			// otherwise image is found by IID matching (see below)
BYTE //0x00
FLOAT EnvironmentScore
DWORD FireType //0=DoesNotBurn,1=Chars,2=AshPile
BYTE IsStealable //boolean
BYTE IsReposessable //boolean
--if Version >= 0x0000000D
	BYTE isPlaceableOnRoof //boolean
	--if Version >= 0x0000000E
		BYTE isVisibleInWorldbuilder //boolean
		--if Version >= 0x0000000F
			DWORD ProductName //hashed

Common Flags

Flag Description
0x00000001 ShowInCatalog
0x00000002 ProductForTesting
0x00000004 ProductInDevelopment
0x00000008 ShippingProduct
0x00000010 DebugProduct
0x00000020 ObjProductMadeUsingNewEntryScheme


There are two ways of finding the thumbnails for a catalogue resource, depending on if IID of PNG icon is zero or not. The Resource Type is always one of three values (representing small, medium or large). Medium is the type of small plus 1; large is the type of small plus 2. There can be multiple thumbnails, differing only in their group, representing the different default appearances for the catalogue resource.

When non-zero
Thumbnail Types

0x2E75C764, 0x2E75C765, 0x2E75C766

The IID of the thumbnail is IID of PNG icon.

When zero
The thumbnail resource type type depends on the catalogue resource type:
Catalogue Type[4] Thumbnail Types

Proxy Product
Terrain Geometry Brush
Terrain Water Brush
Roof Style
Roof Pattern

0x0580A2B4, 0x0580A2B5, 0x0580A2B6


0x2653E3C8, 0x2653E3C9, 0x2653E3CA


0x5DE9DBA0, 0x5DE9DBA1, 0x5DE9DBA2


0x2D4284F0, 0x2D4284F1, 0x2D4284F2

Terrain Paint Brush

0x05B1B524, 0x05B1B525, 0x05B1B526


0x05B17698, 0x05B17699, 0x05B1769A

Wall/Floor Pattern[3]

0x0589DC44, 0x0589DC45, 0x0589DC46

The IID of the thumbnail is the IID of the catalog resource.
[1] I'm not sure this has been verified. (PLJ: seems to work...)
[2] s3oc shows the thumbnail for the first OBJD rather than this.
[3] For all catalogue resources apart from Wall/Floor Pattern, a thumb with a Resource Group of zero is acceptable; for Wall/Floor Patterns, however, a non-zero Resource Group is needed.
[4] Walls do not have thumbnails.

Material List


This section is only present in Objects, Fences (EP1+), Railings (EP1+) and Wall/Floor Patterns; it differs slightly for Wall/Floor Patterns, as annotated below.


This is a list of all preset color options that a Catalog Resource has. Each preset has different settings for patterns used and colors applied. They are listed in the order that they appear in game. You can safely delete them. (The screen shot shows how they are presented in s3pe.)


DWORD Count1
--repetition Count1 Material:
	BYTE type
	if (type != 1) DWORD
	DWORD offset		// from here to after TGI Block List
	DWORD tgi offset	// see Sims 3:Key table
	DWORD tgi size		// see Sims 3:Key table
	--insert Material Block
	--insert TGI Block List	// see Sims 3:Key table
	--if Wall/Floor Style:
		DWORD Category //varies on type(wall or floor)
		DWORD GroupName // hashed 
		DWORD GroupSort
Common Values

Not all values are present in all catalog resources.

Name Value
Material Type 0x01 1
Unknown 1
Unknown 2
Unknown 3 Order thumbs are shown in catalog 3
Unknown 42 Category Flag
Unknown 52
Unknown 62
  1. Walls - Changing to 0x00 - Entire wall disappears from catalog with all presets
  2. Present for Walls/Floors
  3. Values must be non-zero and unique. Changing the value does not re-order them in catalog but walls will show the thumb/catalog in new order but does not move the actual wall preset order.

Material Block

This block holds the variables used in the complate to render a texture. TGI Block List indexes refer to the TGI Block List following this Material Block.

BYTE index     // TGI Block List entry for Complate XML to which these variables should be applied
Complate String Name
Complate String Pattern
DWORD count1
--repetition count1 Complate Variable List:
	Complate String variableName
	BYTE   typecode
	--insert data for typecode	// see below
DWORD count2
	Material Block		// sub-blocks used for pattern definitions
Complate Variables

Complate variables are referenced by the same strings as they are in the Complate XML. All the standard complate elements are indexed via the string table so are not typically included as a literal string.

To read the string

  1. First read a byte(A).
  2. If A & 0x80 != 0, it is a literal string, otherwise it is an index into the string table.
  3. If A & 0x40 == 0, The index will be (A), or the length will be (B&0x7F).
  4. If A & 0x40 != 0, read a second byte(B). The index will be (A+B), or the length will be (B).

ex. in C#

static string ReadString(BinaryReader br)
	int a = br.ReadByte();
	if (a == 0) return string.Empty;
	if ((a & 0x80) != 0)
               return Encoding.ASCII.GetString(br.ReadBytes((a & 0x40) != 0 ? br.ReadByte() : a & 0x3F));
	if ((a & 0x40) != 0) a = (a & 0x3F) + br.ReadByte(); 	
	return StringDb[a];
Typecode Data Comments
0x01 (Complate String) Complate Variable name
0x02 (BYTE)(BYTE)(BYTE)(BYTE) ARGB color
0x03 (BYTE) TGI Block List entry
0x04 (FLOAT) float
0x05 (FLOAT)(FLOAT) Vector2
0x06 (FLOAT)(FLOAT)(FLOAT) Vector3
0x07 (BYTE) Boolean

Brush Common

The basis for the brush type catalog resources


DWORD Version
--Insert CommonBlock
DWORD NormalOperation
DWORD OppositeOperation

//ProfileTexture PNG TGI
QWORD Instance

DWORD Orientation
FLOAT BrushWidth
FLOAT BrushStrength
BYTE  BaseTextureValue
FLOAT WiggleAmount

Brush Operations

Id Description
0x00000000 None
0x00000001 Raise
0x00000002 Lower
0x00000003 Smoothen
0x00000004 Level
0x00000005 AddPaint
0x00000006 ErasePaint
0x00000007 AddWater

Brush Orientations

Id Description
0x00000000 Fixed
0x00000001 AlignWithMouseMoveDirection
0x00000002 RandomWiggle
Modding Reference by Category

Sims 3 :DBPF | File Types | RCOL(Scene) | Catalog Resource | String Table | Key Table | TS3 Programmer's Reference 

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