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Commercial signs Luxe Sims
Wall vents, electrical outlets, light switches, gutter and downspout by Baby Blue Bug (Sim Share)
Light switches at Verona Relapse
Interior shutters by Elin at BYHSD's Blog
Central air conditioning unit by Infusorian
Rooftop TV antenna; satellite dish by simmami (Sims 3 Marktplatz)
Dock by Jonesi at Black Pearl Sims
Radiator cover by madaya74 at TSR (free)
House numbers at Sim3Tria Design Studio
Solar panel at The Sims 3 Store (free)

See also Industrial/Urban Decay for other utility objects.


My DOTY Attic Meshes by AngelamvEliza at Bite the Bullet. Raw ceiling, wall with deco storage cabinet, deco loft level, "closed stairs."


Ceiling beams by Sims Lulamai
Ceiling blocks (blocks of variable thickness for architectural elements or ceilings) by Luna at Sims Lulamai
Wooden plank attic ceiling by Luna at Sims Lulamai


Ambitions EP door RCs by Louma (BPS)
Accessorized indian door by Louma at BPS
Barn door by Leefish
Cat door by Inge at Simlogical
Crowning Glory Window's fix by HugeLunatic at MTS
Chinese doors by iamcoming at XMsims
Door With Glass by lemoncandy (MTS)
Doors with glass cutouts and separate window for sidelight at Sim3tria Design Studio
Door with coloured glass by Louma (BPS)
Double door eith glass on top by Canelline
Fairy tale door by Khany at Khany Sims
Gender doors by Mackat
Graceful iron and copper awning for doorway and matching railing by Isabel at Sims 3D
Mag' door dix by HugeLunatic at MTS
Medieval door by The Merrye makers at MTS
Modern Door by Webmaster (Portal Sims)
Modern metal awning by Aphrodite at Sims Marktplatz
Moroccan Door by Xreasims
Old Underground set by Severinka
Outhouse and toilet stall doors by cyclonesue at TSR ($$$)
Pulltab Door by MS91
Public sign door by Mackat
Regal Two story window by Regalsims
Scania build set part 2 by _kriss at TSR (free)
Screen porch door by Cloudwalker
Swing double door by Bloom
Swing double door by Louma at BPS
Swing double door by Severinka
Tomb doors by The sims key
Urban Underground set by Severinka
Walk-in closet door by Creasims


5 Recolors of the Picket Fence by Yogi-Tea (MTS)
7 Recolors of the Freedom Fence Yogi-Tea (MTS)
Adele bode fence conversion by KG
Adele fence conversion by KG
Beach fence by KG
Beads fence by Fanny
Bipartisan Fences by susieb (Sims Crossing)
Classic suburban fence by Plus10dolansu
Dixon chain fence by GelinaBuilds
Edwardian (?) fence post light at Poppy Sims
Farm fence by O-Decaff
Floral iron fences by Janas
Ivy fence by Susan at Poppy Sims
Garden fence by Neonlight Designs
Garden themed fences by Janas
Glass Fence by Sims Marketplace
Graceful iron and copper awning for doorway and matching railing by Isabel at Sims 3D
Halloween Fence by Blacky Sims Zoo
Hewnsman un-CAST-ables by Omega
Medium and High small columns fence by Anulaa89
Mini-fence by Anulaa98
Modern linear lattice high fence by Luna (Sims Lulamai)
Modern Glass fence by Simenapule
Modular flower fences by Severinka
Paneled fence by Sailfindragon at MTS
Porch Fence by Flabaliki (Sim Supply)
Porch fence by Susan at Poppy Sims
Prizon bars by Carlos
Privacy Suite additions (modified fence heights) by Flabaliki at Sim Supply
Old picket fences by Cyclonesue at TSR (free)
Old ranch fence (farm) by Carlos
Ranch fence and gate recolors by Les Maisons de Dom
Really Railed Fencing by Deluxe Designs at The Sim Supply
Regal Living un-CAST-ables fixed by Omega
Rococo garden by Astra
Roof fencing by SR
Round Fence by Helen at Helen-sims
Royal pawn fence by Andrei
Simple Fence Modification (demi-fence) by Flabaliki at Sim Supply
Snow-y fence by Helen
Two Cottage Fences by Black0rchid (MTS)
Two Hidden Fences by Yogi-Tea (MTS)
Ultra Lounge un-CAST-ables fixed by Omega
Winter fence (with iron and snow) by Astra
Wire fence by Samelo22 at Crea Sims 3
Wood Panel Fence & Gate Set BY Sailfinsims
Woodland Fences by Apple (TSR) ($$$)
Wrought Iron Fence by Flabaliki (Sims Supply)
Wrought iron fence by Khanysims
Wrought iron ( hearts ) fence by SR
Ye Old Stake Fence by Flabaliki at The Sim Supply


Antique wood burnt fireplace by by KG (conversion)
Barrel fire by cmomoney at MTS
Ceramic/painted fireplace by Granny zaza at Sims3Models (conversion)
EA fireplace painting RCs by Lpvinyl21 at BPS
Fireplaces by PMAHO by Morphead at | MTS - | TSS
Fireplace with an iron wrought cover by Severinka
Fireplace with shutters on top by Tinkle at BPS
Medieval fireplaces by Granny zaza at Sims3Models (conversion)
Medieval fireplace by The Merrye Makers at MTS
Medieval stoned fireplace by Helen
Modern Fireplace by Sims 3 Marketplace
Murally responsible fireplace Default Replacement by OM at Jaue
Regency fireplace by Clio
Victorian fireplace by Tinkle at BPS


Glass Garage Doors by Sims 3 Marketplace


40 New Roof Colors by QBUILDERZ (MTS)
Roof Recolors With White Trim by tammy_trauma (MTS)
Neutral Brown Roof Recolors by tammy_trauma (MTS)
New Roof Colors by tammy_trauma (MTS)
Gable vent by Baby Blue Bug at Sim Share
Roof beams (gable "wall" consists of open beams) by Black0rchid at MTS
Dark Wood Shingled Roof by Suzetter at Custom Sims 3


Four Linked Hardcore Stairs by Yogi-Tea (MTS)
12 Linked Stair Recolors by Yogi-Tea (MTS)
Four New Stairs/Railings by tammy_trauma (MTS)
Wrecked Roofing by Srikandi (MTS)
Living Stairs Dark by susieb (Sims Crossing)
Wood Hardcore Stairs Recolor by susieb (Sims Crossing)
White Brick Stairs by weate182 (TSR)
Painted Porch Stairs by Debbiecla (Sim National)
More Stairs by Debbiecla (Sim National)
Victorian Staircase In Red by Debbiecla (Sim National)
Perma Wood Stairs by susieb (Sims Crossing)
Alder Stairs by Flabaliki (Sims Supply)
Recolorable (Fake) Stairs by Huge Lunatic (Sims 2 Artist) and Huge Lunatic (MTS)
Hard Core Stairs in Black by cameranutz2 (MTS)
Wooden Stair Recolors by martinecek15 (Erininy Sims)
Three Recolors of the Living Stairs by tammy_trauma (MTS)
Naturally Aged Stairs by cameranutz II (Sims Crossing)
Modular Concrete Stairs by tammy_trauma (MTS)
A Stair for Every Sim by Srikandi (MTS)
Log stairs (four types with four steps) by Victor_tor at MTS
Lido stairs by Dee at Black Pearl Sims

Terrain Paints

Autumn Leaves by mammut (Blacky Sims Zoo)
Sand Stone Terrain Paint by Blacky Sims Zoo
Cobble Stone by nengi65 (Sims Crossing)
Slate Pavers by nengi65 (Sims Crossing)
Snow Terrains by Fire (Custom Sims 3)
Nine Stunning New Terrain Paints by Simmiler (MTS)
16 Beautiful Gsrden/Forest Paints by jlluca (MTS)
Garden Floor Set by Simpossible
Seasons Collection by matrix54 (MTS)
Terrain Paints by Simpossible
Cobblestone in Tan and Grey by cameranutz II (Sims Crossing)
Beautiful Terrain Paints by lemoncandy


Privacy screening

Abstract lattice by Luna at Sims Lulamai
Arched lattice wallpaper for clear walls at Sims Lulamai
Gazebo wall (solid half wall with lattice) by QBUILDERZ at MTS
Lattice at LaLunaRossa

Interior/exterior halfwalls

"Fake Halfwall" fence by Gosik at TSR (free)
Halfwalls by Flabaliki at The Sims Supply Network
Shorter wall by Sims 3 Modern Houses
Brick walls by susieb at Sims Crossing
Stone halfwall by Luna at Sims Lulamai

Wall patterns

Since it's impossible to list all of the wall patterns out there, quality wall pattern sites will be listed instead.

3D Heaven 2 Hell
Anno Sims
Around the Sims 3
Art Sims murals, patterns
Arte Della Vita
Ashina at TSR
Bogsims Institute
Cikola at Black Pearl Sims
EASims posted by Ferris at Sims Cave
El Refugio De Amamatite
Hydroxide at MTS
joninmobile at MTS
Lady Venera
meL3xi4ever at Black Pearl Sims
My sim-style
pocci at Cherry Blossom Sims
Sailfin Sims
Simcredible Designs
Simply Styling
Sims Lulamai (Manepoco and Luna)
Sims District
Sims Must Have
Speedymaus at Blackys Sims Zoo
Sydney Grey's Sims 3 Blog
Vita Sims 3
Weckermaus at Blackys Sims Zoo
Yuyan Sims


Block column by Luna at Sims Lulamai
Modern column by Sunhair at Sunhair's Sims Creations
Two-story column and pilaster by TheJim07 at MTS
Mod columns at The SimLa


5 Windows by Sims Lulamai
Angled Widndows by Souris (Khany Sims)
Bay window 3 tiles by Whiterider at MTS
Bay window 1 tile by Omega
Broken Window by Choco and Lova sims
Cat and dog stenciled windows by simage
Casement archway by madaya at TSR (free)
Casement windows part II by madaya74 at TSR (free)
Chinese bamboo window by Frixun
Chinese window by iamcoming at XMsims
Cottage Windows and Shutter by Sims Design Avenue
Classic Windows by Sims Design Avenue
Closed/Bricked windows by Nowa
Colonial Window by Huge Lunatic (MTS)
Colonial Window II by Huge Lunatic (MTS)
Colonial Window by Kany sims
Cubic window set by Newtlco at TSR (free)
Draw Up/down curtained window by Canilline sims
Eastern Cottage Windows by Louma (BPS)
English bay-window by Severinka
Euro Mullion Add on - EA Match by Leefish at MTS
Factory Windows by Cyclonesue (TSR) free
Factory Windows 2 by Cyclonesue (TSR) free
Floor-length window at Therry Sims 3
Functional windowsills by Mutske at TSR ($$$)
Glass free window by Mackat
Glass wall window by Simpossible
Great View Window by Kebron (Pfotis Corner)
Gussy up (mirrored windows) by [1] Bloom] at simlogical
Invisible windows byMS91
Khalifa windows (turkish/ arabian) by Abuk0
Limbo Window (Counter Height) by Huge Lunatic (MTS)
Medieval/ Goth windows by Simworld
Modern Colonial Window by Pralinesims (TSR)
Modern Line 44-window set by hudY777 at MTS
Modern Window Set by denizzo_ist (Simstr)
Modular skylight windows by dazmatze2 at MTS
Modern line windows by Denizzo at SimsTR
New England Casement Windows by Apple at TSR ($$$)
Old broken window by Bloom
Old Underground set by Severinka
Oblique construction windows by Canelline
Opener ranch window by Leesester at MTS
Open-able windows by Cmomoney at MTS
Opened windows and extentions by Canelline
Orleans extended windows by Ashillion
Plastic matching windows by Dara
Steel Windows set by Pocci
Style Window Version 1 by denizzo_ist (Simstr)
Style Window Version 2 by denizzo_ist (Simstr)
Scania Build Set Part 1 - Windows and Trimmings by _kriss at TSR (free)
Tilt and turn windows set I by madaya74 at TSR (free)
Tilt and turn windows set II by madaya74 at TSR (free)
Tilt and turn windows ste III by madaya74 at TSR (free)
Windows with semicircular top at Akisima
Windows with built-in shutters/blinds by Snake Legs
Urban underground set by Severinka


Black Stairs, Fence and Gate by Cameranutz II (Sims Crossing)
Build Objects by Simpossible
Build Your Own Cathedral build set by Hecate999 at MTS
Castle Build Set by Sims Lulamai
Clock Tower by Cyclonesue at TSR (free)
Fence build set by armiel at MTS]
Green house set by Inge
Modern White Build Set by Sims 3 Modern Houses
Modern Build Set by Simpossible
Open build set by Megativity at BPS
Pirate ship build ship by ashillion
Pool enclosure/greenhouse set at Simetria Design Studio
Prosperous Peasant medieval (Gothic) doors and windows by cmomoney at MTS
SYL Toca door and window set by eryt96 (TSR) (free)
Transparent Flooring/Roofing by Sunhair (Sunhair Sims)
Transparent Wall/Door Set by hazuitokage (MTS)
The Saifuddin architectural set (Arabic style associated with the Taj Mahal) by senemm at TSR ($$$)
Urban Underground Set by Severinka
Various Build Sets - Mediterranean, Arabic, Asian and more by Luna at SimsLulamai
Various build sets by Einfach Simlisch (Free)
Victorian build set by Cyclonesue at TSR ($$$)
White Stucco Set by Sims Lulamai
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