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  • Books with bookends and stacks of books by LemonCandy at MTS
  • Stack of books by mensure at TSR(free)
  • Stack of books by Newtlco at TSR(free)
  • Stack of books by Luna at Sims Lulamai
  • Stacks of telephone directories (Yellow pages) and books by Elenka
  • Vintage books by Elin at BYHSD

Office & desk

  • Binders and horizontal files with shelves by by at Sims Marktplatz
  • Calculator, wall file, desktop file, message holder, wastebasket, and calendar by Simcredible Designs (in Sierra Study set)
  • Computer desk by Simstreff
  • Corkboards by Rudrakali at MTS
  • Corner computer desk by Simstreff
  • Desktop clutter by Infusorian
  • Desktop sorter by Soulsim (Casas, Cosas, Sims)
  • Mac computer: BYHSD
  • Newton's Cradle by Simiversity
  • Notepad and pen by Elin at BYHSD
  • Notebook, ballpoint, pencil, stapler and more by BabaYaga (MTS)
  • Office chair by babybluebug at TSR
  • Office desk and chair by Sharif at Simstreff]
  • Office set by Angel at 3D Heaven 2 Hell
  • Office set by Infusorian
  • Office set by annej at Sims Must Have
  • Office set with clutter by Desdren
  • Office set: printer, fax machine, and file boxes by Sims 3 Marketplace
  • Pencil cups, stapler, paper clips box, paper clip holder, desk calendar, message, and clear poly envelopes by Elenka
  • Post-It notes (shiftable) by whiterider at MTS
  • Post-Its and pencils by Elin at BYHSD
  • Scale for a lawyer's office by BlackCrow321 at TSR(free)
  • Server rack with operator's workstation, floppy disks, external non-removable disk, Amiga computer by Schnuffi1982
  • Trashbasket by Simstreff
  • Waste paper basket by whiterider at MTS


  • Chalkboard and alphabet posters by SkySims
  • Chalkboard and apple by The Ninth Wave Sims
  • Desk and chair (old style) by pocci at Tokyo Cafe Laboratory
  • Microphones and music lectern by Around the Sims 3
  • School set: desk, chair, blackboard, map, school bags, wooden train, wall stickers, etc by Helen-Sims
  • School set: desk, chair, blackboard, pencils, books/notebooks, posters, pointer (as accessory), etc. by Severinka
  • School set: desk, chair, blackboard, pencils, skeleton, school bags, etc. by Around the Sims 3
  • Blackboard, basketball net, gym horse, and lockers by Annet at Prosims
  • Desk, chair and blackboard by Sugicacho at Graveyard
  • Laboratory counter and stool by Sugicacho at Graveyard
  • Long table and metal folding chairs by Sugichaco at Graveyard

School lots

  • Functional community school by Claeric at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher
  • Old brick schoolhouse converted to family home by ninotchk at MTS
  • St. Patience First Primary School by ElaineNualla at MTS


  • Backpack by Alex at A+S=Error INVALID LINK


  • Sims 3 Education Career Fulltime by iamrosa
  • Default Medieval careers by Sim Verses
  • Sims 3 custom Career: Show Business by Lily_XD
  • The Gamer Career! by ElliotDX
  • Sims 3 Custom Career: Law (From the Sims 2: Seasons). Fulltime by ElliotDX


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