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Sorry for not explaining how to fill Unknown15 the first time I edited this! I hope it is clear now! If someone has doubts I'll further explain. Simsmx 23:12, 25 August 2010 (CDT)

You're still talking about "Unknown15", which no longer exists in s3pi/s3pe. I can't base any changes on what you're writing. It's much easier if you either use the names in the current version or use the layout in the "Format" section. Thanks! :) Peter.

I just downloaded the latest version of s3pe and it no longer allows you to edit Unknown15 values! So yo can't change the icon the catalog entry displays. :/ I'll remove this info then. Simsmx 17:38, 28 August 2010 (CDT)

--Above resolved--

Now, is "Object Category" a good name for this icon? Seems a bit vague. What does it do/mean in the game? Peter.

It is used to describe the object's moodlet's score. For example, the most expensive stereo gives a "Enjoying Music" that has a +20 score. This stereo has three plus signs. The cheap stereo only has 1 plus sign and gives the same moodlet with a +10 score. This changes UI only though, the score is coded in the XML. I think a better name could be MoodletGranted and MoodletGrantedScore. Simsmx 12:55, 29 August 2010 (CDT)

"Moodlet Given" and "Mood Score" sound better. Simsmx 13:05, 29 August 2010 (CDT)

The method: Sims3.CSHost.CatalogProductObject.ExportSelf(BinaryWriter writer, string instanceName, ISKUUtils skuUtils) found in CSHostWrap.dll(of Create-A-World tool) accurately describes this format and is updated with each new version.

Hi, everyone! I've only added my observation (1.67-patched) for ObjectTypeFlags2, but not changed or deleted nothing on this wiki. Thanks to Inge, who helped me with this out and she encouraged me too. I hope someone will find this usefull. (Bily jednorozec).

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