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Control Character Inaccuracy?

A friend and I are currently working on a new thing for handling DBPF packages in Java, and I noticed some discrepancies in the control characters listed here. In my old C# source code, the control character info I have matches what is shown on the old wiki, but the information here, when put to the test, does not work. For example, if we go from what's here and read control character E4, we get this length for the num plain text:

 Num plain text: ((byte0 & 0x1F) < < 2 )

But that doesn't work for this file, because in our case, the next control character appears 20 characters later, not 16, matching the old code:

 Num plain text: ((byte0 & 0x1F) < < 2 ) + 4

And according to the old info, the later control characters documented here don't even exist as they're described... So I'm wondering: Why was the change made between the old wiki and this page?

--Jfade 22:05, 21 April 2008 (CDT)

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