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Most of these already exist at List of Formats by Type and List of Formats by Name. Perhaps it should be marked for deletition or made a redirect page to List of Formats by Type. --FordGT90Concept 02:53, 8 October 2010 (UTC)

I created this page today as a reference for my own use; thinking that others might find it useful, I posted it here instead of keeping it local. --GeneralOperationsDirector
P.S.: I`m still adding to it, and many of the format codes are *not* listed on the pages you mention.
Then add them. I see no reason not to if they are missing. ;) --FordGT90Concept 03:43, 8 October 2010 (UTC)
P.S. Decimal and text are redundant in themselves because they are merely different ways to express the hex value. I would omit the text especially because it doesn't represent anything meaningful, just gibberish.
I`ll probably get around to it some day; meanwhile, my main neighborhood is showing signs of impending implosion, and I`m trying to research what might be wrong. The biggest issue is a lot file that reliably crashes the game when I try to load that lot; lesser issues are personal inventories that reliably crash the game if I view them. The information on this page was generated in a less-usable form by the tool I`m constructing to repair the damaged files; the massaged version posted here convienently links directly to the relavent formats, so I don`t have to seek them in other lists. The text version occasionaly matches the "name" of the format as described in this Wiki, and *may* have some further use for me, as the tool-testing code in my tool tries to display the TypeID as text because of that occasional correspondance. Long-term, however, the text version will have little to no use in the production-code part of the tool. I agree that hex and decimal are inherently redundant; they were both included in the output as a cross-check that the tool wasn`t mangling the output beyond use, but I believe I have no further use for the decimal versions, and will not include them in future postings; I`ll probably also get around to removing them from the existing postings, but that is a relatively low priority for me at the moment. I hope you understand. :) --GeneralOperationsDirector
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