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The Sims 2 Challenges Podcast and The Sims 2 Challenges Yahoo Group is an online community of Simmer that discuss challenges, or user-created sets of rules, for The Sims 2. (Feel free to edit this post, as I wrote it quickly and could not include everything.)


Yahoo! Group

The Sims 2 Challenges Yahoo Group can be found at[1].

The Yahoo Group is a place to find rules for hundreds of challenges to play in your game. It is popular that Simmers who play these challenges make blogs about how their progress is going in a fun, story-telling sort of way. The people who do this often post links to all of their blog posts in the discussion boards. It is also a place people can ask general questions for help in any areas of the game.

The Sims 2 Challenges Podcast

Main Podcast

The Sims 2 Challenges Podcast is a podcast dedicated to these challenges that can be found at the Yahoo Group. Shownotes for the podcast can be found at[[2]]. It is a podcast recorded in front of a live audience at[[3]], Talkcast ID 5905. An episode is recorded every other Tuesday.

Quick Tips

Quick Tips are also a part of the podcast. Every day, a short episode of the podcast, called a Quick Tip is released into the Sims 2 Challenges Podcast feed. These episodes are about learning how to do specific things in The Sims 2 gameplay. Topics for Quick Tips are often sent in by listeners.


The Sims 2 Challenges group and podcast rely heavily on community. The people who post in the group and join in the live shows are very friendly. It is great to take part in both of these experiences, because of the dedicated Sims 2 fans who are always there to help you out.


Rachel is the owner of the Sims 2 Challenges Yahoo Group. She also is the host of the podcast. She is a very nice woman who always enjoys to meet and chat with other Simmers. She is the core of the Community, because of how welcoming she is and how she invites everyone to join in the podcast and the Yahoo Group.

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