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This is the Wiki Version of the tutorial. For an offline version (.PDF), please visit the MTS Thread Here.

This in-depth tutorial will go step by step showing you how to create your very own TV Channel for Sims 3. When doing this tutorial, you will notice that some values are not used. This is because the Modding Team for Custom TV Channels has not yet further researched into these. These are only the BASIC's of creating TV Channels. A ton of help went into making this tutorial from the Modding Discussion thread. When we have researched enough to fully understand how that value works, we will post up a guide as quickly as we can. For now, this tutorial is just so we can start seeing some TV Channels on the MTS site. If you have any questions, please post them in the respective forum on the MTS website.

You will notice that some of these screenshots may look different from the program that your using. The main one is S3PE. I used an older version. However, the only change you should notice is the EPFlags. Do not worry about that. Everything else is fine.


This tutorial uses the following programs, and they can be downloaded here:

S3PE by pljones & IngeJones



A video editing software that allows you to resize (height/width) your videos

Note on Video Editing Software: For this tutorial, I'm going to use Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. I did some research on resizing with Windows Movie Maker, and found that the only way to do this is to install an add-on for it. The results are really crummy if you do it that way unless you find a good video cropper/resize for WMM. I won't go in-depth on how to resize your videos.

Making the Channel

Start up by opening S3PE and going under File>Open. Open up the Gameplaydata.package file. This can be found from C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin\Gameplay. If you receive a access denied error, then close out of S3PE and right click on the program and select Run As Administrator.

You will now see a bunch of resources (or files) show up in the window. If you don't have the name's and tags displayed, go ahead and do so by click on the boxes by "Display". Arrange by name and right click on the resource that says "TV" and select Export>to Package. Save it as a name that you can remember. Preferably Username_NameofChannel_Date.package.

Open up the Package that you created. We now want to export the TV.xml resource so we can do some editing to the coding. To do this, right click on the resource and select Export>To File. Don't worry about changing the name. Just keep it as the name it is now. When you export the resource, open it up in a preferred XML editor like Notepad.

In the screenshot, you will noticed on the first screen it shows highlighted text. Copy the highlighted text and past the text at the VERY LAST part for the TV Channel which should be the channel named VideoGame0. If you're using Notepad++, you will notice that I pasted at line 159.

The next part is self-explanatory. This next part you're going to want to edit the values to your channel specific needs. Here's the scenario for my TV Channel.

There's a new chef in town named Bill. Bill is a very inspiring Chef who inspires adults on cooking and sharing new recipes. His new show "Watch me COOK!" is geared towards the ones who want to learn how to cook.

It's a pretty basic scenario. Of course, for your channel, you're going to want something a bit more detailed. So, for the channel "Watch me COOK!" were going to want a channel that will Inspire Adults as well as give some cooking skill points. So, we are going to use the following code: Sorry, this developer was too lazy to finish this guide. *sticks up middle finger*

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