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Step 6: Extract the Sims 2 (TS2) Mesh and Textures

Alt text
simpe mesh extraction

To start, extract the mesh and textures from your favorite TS2 object.

  • Open Simpe - click File, open
  • Navigate to your TS2 package and open it.
1. In the Resource Tree, click on the Geometric Data Container (GMDC)
2. In the Resource List, click on the (meshname)_tslocator_gmdc
3. At the bottom of SimPE select the Plugin View and make sure the TS2 mesh is checked, (In this case, it's called foilage
4. Click the Export button and save it to your new working folders.
  • Navigate to your TS2-original folder and save the extracted mesh.obj (see simpe mesh extraction)

Alt text
TS2 original texture
  • Back in SImPE, extract the image files. You only need the texture files, not the alpha.
1. In the resource Tree, select Texture Image (TXTR)(2)
2. In the Resource List, select the foliaged_txtr (You don't need the TS2 alpha)
3. In the Plugin View, select the largest size - in this case it is a 512 x 512 image - remember this size. You will need the size info later for the UV map and the texture conversions.
4. Click Export
  • Navigate to your TS2-original folder and save the extracted texture.png
  • Close Simpe

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