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Want to PM me? Please read my FAQ first

About requests

Do you take requests?

Sorry, I don't take requests.

Don't you make any exceptions?

Yes, but mostly for friends and other MTS creators.

So can we be friends so you can make something for me?


Will you make anything for me!?

I only make content that I want to make. Hopefully you'll spot something I made that you like.

About my uploads

Can I use your content in my uploads/pictures/videos?

Yes, but please continue and PM me to let me know what you're using, so if you need proof of permission, I can vouch for you.
Please do not include my files in your uploads. Just link back to the download thread.
You can use my content in pictures and videos anywhere you like, as long as it's Sims related.

I have issues with your upload!

Please post any issues or questions you have about my uploads to the upload thread.

Having trouble with the site, uploading, or creating?

Please do not PM me about any of the following issues.

I have issues with the site!

Please read the FAQs on the Site questions and issues forum. Make a post there if you can't find help you're looking for.

I have issues with uploading!

Please post about your uploading issues on the Creator issues forum.

I need feedback!

Please make a post on Creator Feedback forum. Sims 3 one here.

I need help!

I don't mind questions, but it is better to post in the Object Creation forums.

PM cmomoney?

Do I need to PM cmomoney?

I hope you read the FAQ. If you still need to PM me, go ahead.
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