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Jon is the one and only true Jon in the ModTheSims community and has been that way since November 2004. Rather than make any huge and noticeable contributions to the community, Jon prefers to do small things nobody cares about. These include:

  • A color scheme for the original vBulletin version of ModTheSims2 + other small changes.
  • A redesigned interface for The Sims 2 base game that was never released due to file size concerns (an 80MB mod wasn't feasible at the time).
  • The branding and website design for the failed Q-Xpress Installer project.
  • The branding and proposed interface design for the Q2 project that never saw the light of day.
  • Various website design and interface concepts for ModTheSims and its network over the years.
  • Various contributions to small MTS website changes over the years, mainly in the form of being somebody for Delphy to bounce his ideas off of.
  • Making the icon for Delphy's Monkey thing not look ugly.

Jon is often credited by Delphy as Ambience-Design, which is the small graphic design, branding, and creative direction firm that Jon owns.

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