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Welcome to leefish's User Page

I do welcome your PMs, but first read this page before you actually message me.

Questions Frequently Asked


Creator Questions

Will you make me some clothes for my sim?

Sorry, I don't do hair or clothing, I do windows and lots. Check out the tutorials.

Will you make me a window?

No, you can check out the tutorials for that too.

May I use your CC with lots?

Yes you can.

May I include/upload the CC with the lot?

Yes, there are a couple of exceptions, but that will be mentioned in the general upload post. You don't have to ask me to use my things, but if you PM me to let me know where I can see it used that would be awsome.

Your CC is broken!

If you find that some custom content I uploaded here is not working as expected please post a comment on the upload thread.

Where is that window set?

Long, long ago when Sims3 first came out I made some windows that I later came to hate with a passion. They are no longer available for download, sorry....


MTS Related Questions

Why are my uploads always rejected?

Not having seen your upload I probably can't answer that. If you have a question about an upload - please - first read the PM from the moderator and follow any links to tutorials or guidelines in that message. If you still do not know why then post in Creator Issues.

I want to complain about the site

If it is uploads related you can post in Creator Issues, or if it is related to site functionality in Site Issues. If you are having a problem with another user then PM me or any other moderator.


Other Questions

Are you really a fish?

Yes, and I live in a bowl.

Where is the PM link!!?

Click Here

Tutorial Links


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Tutorials by Category

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