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Are you going to send me a PM? Then read this!

Please do not PM me about...

  • Requests: I'm already too busy to take requests, sorry. And before you ask, NO, there is no request forum at MTS2.
  • Questions about my creations: don't be shy! Post your question on the thread where my creation is uploaded: your question and my reply will help other users, too!
  • Game Help: I play too little to help you. Instead, refer to the Game Help wiki/forum.
  • Site Issues: I'm NOT the site owner, nor a site Administrator. Please post about your problems in the Site Issues forum.
  • BodyShop stuff: I only deal with objects and don't know anything about BodyShop stuff (clothings, accessories, eyes, etc.). Ask your questions in the BodyShop forum.
  • HomeCrafter stuff: again, I only deal with objects and don't know anything about HomeCrafter stuff (wallpapers, floor tiles). Ask your questions in the Sims2 Tools forum.

If the subject of your PM is not listed above...

...then you are more than welcome to PM me! I always reply to all the PM's I get (in rare cases it takes a while, but better late than never, right?)
If you need to include a screenshot, use an image hosting service, such as ImageShack or similar.
If you need to attach a package (compressed in a ZIP or RAR), use a file hosting service, such as Rapidshare or similar.

And now, click the button below to send me a PM!

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