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"Simooligan" the username, was established in 2004. The name is a derivative of "Hooligan", as inspired by "Yahooligan's" at the time, and of course "The Sims" franchise; thus, "Simooligan" was created. Simooligan has been playing The Sims franchise since 2000, and has been involved in the community since 2004.

Simooligan has been a member of various Sims 2 and Sims 4 communities. He was a resident artist at Sterling Sims 2 & The Creator's Forum founded by SterlingDT, as well as Totally Sim Crazy, run by Nix and VanillaSims. Simooligan also managed his own community forum called The Sims 2 Sanctuary (2005-2009). Additionally, Simooligan hosted several Sims 2 community games such as Simvivor: Goth Island and Simanimous during the Sims 2 days, and was a participant in others. His main rival was known as Parker Kowalski

Simooligan is perhaps most well known for his full-scale replica of the RMS Titanic created in 2008. The model remains available for download on ModTheSims.Info. A YouTube channel dedicated to his Sims 2 Titanic project remains active. In 2021, Simooligan once again recreated the RMS Titanic, but this time, in The Sims 4.

From about 2009 - 2017, Simooligan took a hiatus from his community involvement as he focused on his college career and establishing himself as a professional video editor.

Simooligan, also known as Dan, is from Rhode Island. He has been a Twitch Streamer since May of 2020. He identifies as LGBTQIAA+.

In August 2021, Dan was interviewed by The Washington Post regarding internet trolling, hate crimes and harassment he has been experiencing due to his involvement with the #TwitchDoBetter movement. Please report any malcious activity or smearing of Simooligan's / Dan's name. For more infromation, or if you are a victim of hate crimes and hate raids, please visit for report forms and anti-hate raid tools.

Sims Community

Dan is currently active and managing a community Discord Server known as "The Simooli Fam". You can find access to the Simooli Fam by visiting and selecting "Community". Verification required, because... you know... #BoredTrolls.

Connect with Simooligan


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Defunct Community Sites

-Simooligan's Sims2 SimPage

-The Sims 2 Sanctuary



-Simooligan-Studios Website

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