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Installing Worlds

You've attempted to download and install a EA or Custom World only to have the Launcher Fail?


  • Launcher hanging or freezing
  • Stating that items are installed when they actually aren't
  • Not working at all

Try These Steps First

Backup User Files

Back Up Your User Files before beginning this process


The file may have been corrupted during the download process.

  1. Delete the file
  2. Redownload
  3. Attempt to Reinstall

if that didn't work....

Delete Caches

  1. You may just need to delete the Cache Files
  2. Now attempt to Install the world again

if that didnt work....

Remove ALL CC

If deleting caches didnt help, try removing ALL Custom Content

  1. Remove the Mods\Packages folder (package files)
  2. Remove DCCache and DCBackup folders (sims3packs)
  3. Remove anything from the Virtual Store (if applicable)

if that didn't work....

New User Files

One or more files in the User Section may become corrupted, try renaming the User Files to make the game generate a new set.

  1. Rename the Current Folder
  2. Double click the sims3pack to install with the launcher

if that didn't work....


At this point, there aren't alot of options left and this one could be really time consuming considering there are 8 EP's and 8 SP's with another EP due out in another week or so, but for some, this may be the only option to correct corruption in the installation files.

  1. Game Help:TS3 Uninstall
  2. Game Help:TS3 Patching

If that didn't work, or you opted out....

Alternative World Installation

This method is experimental and largely untested. You should only use it as a last resort when none of the above allowed for the proper world installation via the launcher.

What You Will Need

  1. A sims3pack world to install
  2. Delphy's Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extracter
  3. s3pe Package Editor
  4. TS3 recompressor (s3rc/decrapify)

Riverview.sims3pack is used in this tutorial

  • Note: if you're attempting to install a custom world, you wont need the TS3 recompressor, skip step 3


  1. Create a working folder on your desktop or other location, name it whatever you want
    • in this tutorial, I named the folder Riverview
  2. Place the world Riverview.Sims3Pack in the working folder
  3. Run it through S3RC/Decrap
    • Easiest method is to drag and drop the sims3pack onto the decrapify.exe - this only applies to Store Worlds, Custom Worlds do not need this step
  4. Run Sims 3 Pack Multi-Extracter
    • make sure you set the input and output to your working folder
  5. Locate the largest size package, rename it to
    • This is easier if you choose View > Details and then Sort > Size
  6. Open with S3PE and extract STBL's to riverview.package in your working folder
    • You only need your default language, but you can export all of them if you're not sure which one you need. This is important to keep the game from displaying untranslated strings since it does not read the STBL files from within the .world file
  7. Move to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Worlds
    • You will see in the same folder
  8. Move the remaining .package files to your Mods\Packages folder
    • Make sure you include the stbl package
  9. Test your game


Before you move the remaining .package files to your Mods\Packages folder, you could open each of the .package files with S3PE and look in the _xml for the proper name of the file, then rename the .package files if you want to know what they are

- or - 

If you wish to combine the remaining package files

  1. Open the STBL package, you created, with S3PE
  2. Click on Resource > Import > From Package
  3. Select the remaining .package files.
  4. Import and Save
  5. Place the combined package into your Mods\Packages folder

Repeat this process for each World you wish to install. It's best to do them individually so you can keep them separated and organized. Most worlds come with a multitude of extra content

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