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Sims 3 late night problem.My computer macbook pro 2013.This problem:Unknown has occured andSims 3 version is more recent than expected - Late Night Installation?

I just reinstalled the Sims 3 on my Mac, it went fine. I previously bought Late Night from amazon and downloaded the Mac version. When I try to install it, I get a "Validation Error" which says...

"Sims 3 version is more recent than expected. The sims 3 Late Night could be incompatible Make sure you get all the updates before playing."

When I ignore the message and proceed with install, it seems to install fine. However, I cannot find the Late Night icon or game launcher anywhere on my computer, even after searching for it in Finder. Also, when I try to use the launcher for the base game, it comes up "unknown error" - (I'm assuming because I need to use the Late Night launcher since that is the most recent game installed).

I've uninstalled Late Nigh and the base game starts working normal again. I've updated my base game from the Launcher, and is has no new updates for me. What's the issue? Is there some sort of patch I need? I really know nothing about patches! Please be in depth if/when you answer my question. Please help! I want to play Late Night so bad!


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