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Hey, I'm just a crazy old hacker (in the traditional sense of that word) who's become hooked by all the wondrous things that might be achieved by modding The Sims 2. I got hooked on The Sims (1) a few years ago, and built a suite of tools for disassembling and assembling various resources, and I'm in the process of ressurecting that work and retargeting it at TS2. It isn't really any competition for any of the other modding tools (that I'm aware of, at least) in that it is purely CLI (command line interface), since my development platform of choice is Linux. Yeah, ok, so I'm crazy. But I already said that, didn't I? Anyway, once I get most of the pieces working acceptably with TS2, the code will be posted here (under the GPL, of course). (Anyone brave enough to install Cygwin (http:'' http:'' on their Windows machines will have no difficulty using the tools.)

I have been programming professionally (primarily C and all the scripting languages commonly found on Unix/Linux/Posix systems) since 1975, and for myself for a few years prior to that. Why the Unix bent? Fifteen years at Bell Labs -- before it all went to h*ll.  :)


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