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Lists all compressed Files specified in the Index of the http:''www.modthesims2.com/wiki/Packages .package Header.

There are two possible Structures, First the long format: repeat 4 type 4 group id 4 instance id 4 the Unknown dWord from the http:''www.modthesims2.com/wiki/Packages .package Header located on Offset 60 ( I call it Class ID) 4 (real) Uncompressed Filesize end repeat

the other one: repeat 4 type 4 group id 4 instance id 4 (real) Uncompressed Filesize end repeat

I don't know when to use wich Format, but checking if the Filesize can be devided by 20 or 16 did work so far to determin the type. I think the short format is used, when the Class ID's of all stored Files are 0.

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