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Refresh caches and thumbnails

These are temporary files that are saved by the game to make loading certain information faster. If these files have incorrect or corrupted data, it may prevent your game from loading. The game will regenerate fresh copies of these files each time it loads, so deleting them is perfectly safe, and it's normal for them to reappear.

clearing caches in Dashboard tool

The Sims 3 Dashboard

To have your caches cleared automagically, download and install the Sims 3 Dashboard tool. Simply run the program and tell it which caches you'd like to have cleared or click the "Clear All" button.

The Manual Way

Do the first and then, test. If that doesn't work, carry on with the second, and then test, and so on.

TS3 caches.png

1. To delete your cache files, navigate to The Sims 3 in DOCUMENTS folder. Inside, will be a number of cache files.

TS3 docs path.png
Delete any or all of these files you have.
If you have installed remove
CAS parts that appear in Create-A-Sim CasPartCache.package
New objects that would appear in Buy/Build mode compositorCache.package
Mods or Hacks scriptCache.package
New Sims, default skins simCompositorCache.package

TS3 thumbnails.png

2. To delete Thumbnails, if you installed a CAS-part or Buy/Build mode object, or anything that has a thumbnail picture, sometimes it is necessary to force the game to refresh its Thumbnails cache. Look inside the Thumbnails folder and delete any files inside that folder.

TS3 thumbnails path.png

Optional, for Windows only - do NOT do this on a Mac.

TS3 worldcaches.png

3. To delete WorldCaches, look inside the WorldCaches folder (if you have one) and delete these files inside that folder.

TS3 worldcaches path.png

Don't worry if you don't have a WorldCaches folder, or if it's empty - some people have WorldCaches and some don't - it just means that you do not have Riverview, other new worlds, or the new Create-a-World tool installed.
OS X users, please read this post on why this is a bad thing.

Now load the game and look for your CC again in the appropriate sections.

So, refreshing cache and thumbnail files didn't work?

Caches and Thumbnails have been regenerated, and still no luck? Did you read the Description of the Download thread and

  • have met the version requirements?
  • know the location or category where the item is to be found?
  • completed the shopping list of custom content required/used?
  • took note of any special instructions?
  • read the comments TAB if other players have encountered the same issues? The uploader or others would respond and contribute tips to help solve problems via this TAB.

Step Two

  • Huh? I have to read!?!?
  • But, I have read all that, and still don't understand. OK, proceed with the next step.


Reading and understanding the descriptions and instructions

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