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ModtheSims Live Chat

MTS hosts a Discord server with different themes to its channels. People from around the world can gather to talk about all different subjects - please note that the General chat, while associated with the MTS site, is not a "sims chat" and most of the time, the topics will be just general chatty stuff, not Sims-related.

Chat Rules and Guidelines

Before you enter the chat, you must read and agree to follow these rules:

  • Age Restriction (13+): You MUST be over the age of 13 to use MTS and the sites' live chat. Leave immediately if you are 12 years of age or under.
  • No Warez: No discussion, linking, or trading of software or intellectual property if you do not own a legitimate, legal copy. Warez trafficking endangers this server's connection. No discussion of no-cd cracks whatsoever. Do not ask people for registration codes or redistributed files.
  • Private Messaging: Do not PM (private message) people without asking permission in the channel first. This is a common courtesy and a rule on our server.
  • Intelligent Typing: No spamming (saying the same thing over and over), advertising (posting your site address to get people to visit), scrolling (typing a few characters per line filling up the screen with just you talking), shouting (ALL CAPS), leetspeak/chatspeak (r u sum1 ppl m8 ne1 o y evry1, etc.), idiotspeak (OmG i jUsT fOunD tHe ShIfT kEy), attitudes, or slandering people. No e-thuggery, jackassery, or mock violence. You don't need to have perfect spelling or grammar, just type like you have half a brain.
  • English Only: Please type in English in public channels in our chat. Again, we don't require perfection, just make an effort.
  • Be Yourself: No impersonating ANYONE else. This means MTS staff, community members and creators, other chatters, your brother, your cousin, or your dog. We have ways of checking and you'll just look stupid.
  • No Where Can I Find: The chats are for people to come and hang out and chat - not to find custom content you want. Do not ask where to find certain custom content in chat! Use the Where Can I Find forum, under the Help menu, on MTS. We aren't here to find content for you.

Click the Connect button below to join the general chat on Discord:

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