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Poses and Animations Upload Guidelines

When uploading a pose pack or animation to Mod The Sims, we have some basic requirements to ensure that your upload is good, shown well, and has the correct info and files needed for people to use it in their games. This allows both moderators to check your uploads for quality, and for downloaders to see if your item is something they want to add to their games.


  • Naturally Posed: Poses should look natural, with almost every joint adjusted somewhat, including face, hands, fingers, etc.
  • Anatomically Possible: Most poses should look like they could be done by a real person (or animal, for pet poses), within the range of human motion. Of course, poses not meant to be a normal human range (for acrobats or monsters) are fine. Keep in mind that for some poses, while a real body may be able to do it, it may look really bad on a sim. If the body gets badly distorted in a certain pose, try to work around it or try something else.
  • Gravity: Poses should look balanced and with a believable center of gravity. Your sim/pet shouldn't look like they're about to fall over (unless it's meant to be a pose in motion or falling, of course).
  • Sinking/Floating: Whether a sim/pet is supposed to be sitting, standing, or leaning, they should not noticeably sink into or float above the surface they're on. Of course, this doesn't apply to poses that are in motion like jumping or falling.
  • No Stretched Skeleton: The bones should be kept at their regular length, with joints usually only rotated, not moved.
  • Clipping: Limbs shouldn't float over or collide with other parts of the body. For example, if a hand is supposed to be on the hip, then it shouldn't sink into the pelvis or float a foot above it. Of course, keep in mind the body type intended for sims (poses intended for large sims will look odd on skinny sims, and vice versa), and the type of clothing (for a ski holiday theme, the poses should work well with bulky winter clothing).
  • Pose List Compatible: All poses must be pose list compatible. For instructions, see: Pose Pack Tutorial

Tip: Aikea Guinea wrote a handy tiptorial on rotating joints in known problem areas. Find it here: Aikea's Tutorials

Tip: Whenever you're unsure whether a pose looks good and makes sense, use a mirror to check what's possible on your own body, or work from pictures of real people.


Title & Description
Give your upload a descriptive title and write a text description for your upload, describing what you're uploading. Your title and description must be in English or provide an English translation. If you are not a native English speaker, using Google Translate is okay. You can also ask for help writing your description in the Creator Feedback Forum.
Additional Information to include
Make sure your upload text contains at least the following information:
  • Pose List Compatibility: All poses should be pose list compatible. Please state that they are compatible in the written portion of your upload or provide a screen grab of your pose list in game to show that they are. Pose pack tutorial
  • Pose Names should be in the format that you would type them into the pose player. E.g. a_dancepose_3. The pose names must be included in full somewhere on the upload post but it's up to you if they are in the main text or just on the images or both.
  • Props or Custom Content Links: If your poses use props that someone else made, you must link to them. Please don't make poses that require content you have to pay for.
  • New Mesh Info: If you have made a new mesh to use as a prop for your pose and have included it in the file, must include the same information you would as if uploading it separately.
Expansions Required
Make sure to select only the expansions needed for the content you're uploading. Poses usually require only the base game unless they're made specifically to be used with a prop from another EP.



You will need to include certain screenshots with your pose set. You must:

  • Show the whole thing: You should have at least one picture of each and every pose you are sharing, showing the whole thing without anything cut off or cropped out.
  • Uncovered: Make sure not to cover the pose with long hair, text added in a photo editor, objects in the way, or your model in clothing like long fluffy skirts that hide a lot of the body.
  • Include Additional Angles if Necessary: Your images should show at least the key elements of each pose which are the face, hands and limb joints. You may need to show side on views or take a few shots from additional angles if the pose cannot be adequately seen in a single picture.
  • Pose animation: If you're sharing a pose animation, it's always good to show off how it moves with either a video or gif. This way your downloaders can see what you're sharing and how your animation moves. Make sure that your video/gif is showing off the entire sim/pet body so downloaders have a clear view of what is going on :) The same counts for say, a jumping animation. Make sure that when the sim/pet jumps, a part of the head that might be off camera if filming to close, when in mid-air, should also be showed off. If you're a little clueless on how to do this, it's always good to start off with making an in-game video. This is all explained here: Taking in-game videos After that you can easily put your video on Youtube, Vimeo or any other hosting site straight from your SavedVideos folder onto the hosting site of your liking! :) And of course, when uploading it, Sharing the link in your description with the [youtube] link here [/youtube] bbcode!

If you'd like to know how to create a video into a gif, here are some excellent videos on how to do this: Photoshop CC | Photoshop CS6 and older | GIMP

  • Props: If you made a new mesh to be used specifically with your pose set and have included it with your poses, you must include the proper pictures of the object as if it were uploaded separately - show the texture mapping and CASTability. For details, see MTS Creator Guidelines for TS3 Objects. You should, of course, show them in use with your poses, too!

Please remember, for your required pictures:

  • In-Game Screenshots: All required screenshots must be taken in the game with actual in-game backgrounds. Please don't cut and paste your models onto non-game backgrounds. Images should be lit well enough to show the poses and not so overly cluttered and fussy that it's difficult to see where the pose ends and the background begins.

Keep the following in mind for your screenshots, especially the required ones:

  • Size: 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall is a good size for the smallest pic you would want to upload. Your images can be up to 2560x1440 pixels, and 800 kb, so you have lots of space to work with!
  • Lighting: For most things, it's best to take pictures in an interior room with good lighting. For lots, pictures should be taken during a nice sunny day, for floorplans, take the pictures with the lights ON.
  • Clarity: Neither blurry, nor pixellated/crunchy. Do not size up small pictures to make a large one as this will blur them, and make sure not to use too much compression/too low quality when saving your images.
  • Distance: Take your pictures so that your creation fills the screen without anything cut off at top or bottom - neither zoomed in too close, nor zoomed out too far.
  • Distortion: If you resize your images, retain the aspect ratio so they don't get stretched or squashed. Take care when zooming in and out with the camera that you do not create a fisheye effect on your pictures.
  • Photoshopping: Do not apply filters like sharpen, contrast, etc. to the required pictures, as downloaders want to see what your creation will look like in their game, not your skills at using Photoshop.
  • Attached: All required images must be attached directly to the MTS upload, not just inserted using the img tag, so that even if the pics get deleted from your Photobucket (or other host), the upload on MTS is still complete.
  • Show all items: For most areas, if you are uploading a set, you must take all the required pics for each item in the set. If there is an exception, it will be noted.
  • Picture limit: You may upload up to 100 pictures for a single upload thread, so feel free to add some additional pictures just to show off your work to its best. Of course, keep it reasonable - nobody needs 50 pics to show off one sim or hair.
  • Inline pictures: Inline pictures are those that use the [img] tag to show up in with the description text. So that it doesn't take too long to load, please keep this to no more than 4 pictures done inline, unless you put them inside an [infobutton] tag. To do this, see our guide on post formatting.


Zip, Rar, or 7z
To upload your file(s) to MTS, you will need to compress them into an archive file, which makes them smaller and allows you to include many files in one download. The archive file formats we currently accept are .zip, .rar, and .7z.

For instructions on compressing your files into an archive, please see: Creator Guidelines: Creating Archive Files.

  • Do not include multiple archives with the same contents - that is, please don't put your files in both a .zip as well as a .rar because some people only want .zip files. Choose one format.
  • Do not double-compress your files... a .rar file inside another .rar file (or any other archive inside another) doesn't compress it anymore, and it makes it so we can't see the contents without downloading, and also just makes an extra step for the people downloading.
  • The file size limit on MTS is 50 mb. If you exceed this limit you will need to split your archives. This should probably never come up except for large worlds for The Sims 3, or huge sets of smaller items.
File Size

While it's not a requirement, we recommend that Zip/RAR files containing poses stick below 200kb; most are usually far beneath that. The most common causes of file bloating is adding additional pictures in the zip/rar file or by having pose list thumbnails that far exceed the recommended size of 59x60pixels.


Uploads not allowed on MTS
These items are not allowed on MTS in any category.
Pay/Pirated Content

Everything required or recommended for an upload must be freely available, without having to pay.

  • No uploads requiring pay content: We do not host content (for example, recolours of a pay hair or object mesh) that absolutely require pay content to function in-game.
  • No optional pay, pirated, or stolen content: Even for optional or recommended content not absolutely required for the creation to work (for example, hair on a sim or a couch on a lot), this means:
    • No content you must pay for. This means you cannot use items that are pay, donation, subscriber only, "special gift", etc. type content, anything accessible only when you pay money or subscribe.
    • No content from sites that are repositories of unmodified content when it is still available from the original creator, whether these items are pay or free (no Booty or Simscave, torrents, sites full of stolen content or similar, but the Graveyard and sites that offer recolours or modifications with the mesh are okay).
    • No EA content simply converted to base game use with no other changes.
    • No pirated EA Store content. EA Store content, linked to the legitimate EA Store, is okay though. TS2 store content may be included, with proper credit, since the store is no longer available.
Other content not allowed
  • Items that belong on the adult site: No content posted on MTS can have visible nudity, sexual content, or adult content, and instead must be posted on our adult site, Sexy Sims. This means on MTS, you may not post:
    • Content that contains nudity, which we define as exposing the female nipples, or the butt crack/genitals of either gender, including semi-transparent stuff like a sheer bra. Items that are merely "sexy" like skimpy miniskirts or string bikinis are fine on MTS. Transsexual/transgender items are also not considered adult content unless they contain nudity.
    • Skintones containing genital details - female nipples are okay on MTS but see below regarding screenshots.
    • Images of skintones with uncensored female nipples. Please blur or cover the nipples, butt crack, and genital area when taking screenshots of your skintones.
    • Fine art uploads containing visible nudity.
    • Items with specifically sexual content (sex toys, sexual poses).
    • Items containing swear/curse words
    • Items relating to illegal drugs. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are okay on MTS though.
  • Sexualized children: We do not allow any sexy/sexualized content for baby, toddler, or child sims in any way - no breasts whatsoever on child sims, no "sexy" outfits, etc. If you want to make preteens, make a less developed body for teen sims. Sexualized child content is not allowed at our adult site either.
  • Offensive content: Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, bigoted, hateful or otherwise offensive content will not be allowed. Again, also not allowed at our adult site.
  • Gore/violence: We do not allow uploads which feature prominent, graphic violence and/or gore. Examples of things we do not allow would include items centred around mass shootings, images showing explicit violent imagery, cannibalism, and infanticide. Limited violence and gore may be featured if not the dominant focus of the upload, and not excessively graphic. Think a PG-13 movie. If uncertain whether your upload crosses this line, we suggest making a thread in the Creator Issues forum asking for feedback from a moderator before uploading.
  • EXE installers: Creators are not allowed to post exe (or other executable) files for any area of the site but Modding Tools. If your content needs to be installed to a certain directory, you can compress your files and leave the directory structure intact, so you can tell people to just install to Program Files, for instance, and the files will go where they need to. Executable installers can easily hold viruses, and are generally not needed for installing most content.
  • Preorder bonus content: Certain items were only available if you preordered certain expansions or stuff packs from certain retailers. It's unfortunate if someone missed out on getting them, but they can't be redistributed here as EA has made it clear that they do not allow it.
  • Unmodified EP/SP/Store content: While it is common practice to modify and use bits and pieces of game content to create custom content, extracting content from an expansion, stuff pack, or Store item and uploading it unmodified is not allowed on this site. You are welcome to upload significantly modified versions of expansion, stuff pack, or Store content, but you can't just be ripping it and changing one tiny thing (or nothing) just so people who didn't purchase it can still use it.
  • Stolen/reuploaded content: This should go without saying, but do not upload content made by others and claim it as your own, in whole or in part. Don't upload the work of someone else without their permission... if they wanted to share it at MTS, they can easily upload it here themselves.
  • Uncredited content/violating permissions: If any part of what you have uploaded (mesh, textures, alphas, bump maps, coding, etc.) comes from somebody else's work, you MUST provide a link and credit in the text of your post, for the original author. State what you've used of theirs, the author's name, and give a link back to them. You must check the author's policies to see if you can use their content in the way you want, and you may not violate any policies stated. If there are no policies or they don't disallow your type of usage, or the site is permanently offline, then you can assume it's okay. Please see here for more details: Updates and Remixes of Creations.
  • Redirects: If you want to move a creation to another site, please remove your upload from MTS, don't just edit the text to point to a different site.
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