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Each node in a BHAV is numbered. This helps to identify a failing node in a log file and additionally allows easy linkage from one node to another. Linkage is done dependant on whether the OpCode just executed returned True or False. You have to link the node to either another node by number, or return True, False or Error.

BHAV Linkage

You may find that BHAVs that you clone look a little messy in the linkage department. Clicking on the "Sort" button can often make things read a little clearer, although I often go through manually as it gives the opportunity to learn what the BHAV is actually doing.

Before and After using the "Sort" button

Special Buttons
You can add and remove nodes using the "Add" and "Delete" buttons, but this does not do anything for you with the linkages. I find it more intuitive to use the "Insert via [True/False]" buttons instead of "Add" and the "Pescado's Delete" button instead of "Delete". These buttons can be seen if you check the Special buttons check box. Try them out and see which method you prefer.

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