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CAS (Create a Sim)

Things you can stick on your sims - skintones, clothing, and more.

General CAS Tutorials

CTU Tutorials

Tutorials on using Delphy's CTU:

TSR Workshop Tutorials

Tutorials on using TSR Workshop:

CAS Tools

Blender GEOM Mesh Plug-In By morgade

Morgade is currently working on a GEOM (body meshes) import/export plugin.

Delphy's CTU

Currently in beta - allows creation of new stencils, full clothing retextures, and more.

Delphy's Acronym Bending Original Output Barber Shop (aka DABOOBS)

This program allows you to create non-replacement custom hair meshes for The Sims 3. It generates entirely new hair packages that can be placed in game, and contains all possible linkages and correct file assignments.

TSR Workshop

This program allows you to create non-replacement clothing, hair, make-up and accessories. At the moment you can edit existing meshes to create new looks, unlimited mesh editing will soon become available. Simple to use GUI and a live 3D preview makes content creation a breeze. No limitations on usage, the tool is free and you retain ownership of any files created with it. Auto-upload to TSR available to members of the site.


Burberry, burberry, burberry.


Delphy's Pattern Packager

The Pattern Packager program allows you to add new Patterns (aka items that appear in Create a Style) to your Sims 3 game.

TSR Workshop

The TSR Workshop tool has a pattern plugin that can be used as an alternative, offering a somewhat easier GUI and auto-upload to TSR, if you are a member there.

Pattern Tutorials

General Modding

Creating gameplay modifications and the like.


The Lepid Llama Unpacker by Echo

This is a fairly simple tool to extract the contents of a sims3pack exported file. Simply choose the sims3pack file when prompted, then select the file to extract and click the "Export Selected" button on the bottom left.

Postal Package Editor by Echo (Alpha)

If you're joining in the fun of figuring out file formats and how to make mods, this is a pretty good place to start. If you're looking for content-creation wizards, this is probably not what you're after just yet. This is a very generic tool, for exploring the innards of the game's package files.

S3PE Demo Package Editor

This is a package editor, created mainly to test and demonstrate the s3pi library, but it is quite a useful package viewer/editor and packer in its own right. Created by Peter L. Jones.

s3pi Library - Programmers Only

This is the rudiments of an open source library to support people wishing to make tools for The Sims 3. It is written in C# under .Net 3.5 and contains wrappers that implement methods to read and write package files, unpack packed files, and interpret several file types. Created by Peter L. Jones.

TS3 STBL Editor

With this editor you can change ingame text, like item description, job description, job names, etc.

Sims 3 Package Explorer

A tool to examine, extract, replace and modify Sims 3 package content, by Okeanos.

Neighborhood Workshop (formerly Save Game Editor)

Snaitf's FNV Generator

Simple Encoder for Making Hashes

Experimental Object Cloner

ObjectCloner is a tool intended to create new Sims 3 objects by copying and renumbering parts of an original game object. Created by Peter L. Jones

Modding Tutorials

Installation and Content

To help you get custom content working in-game, and other related utilities.

Delphy's TS3 Install Helper Monkey

Use this program for easy set-up and installation of Sims 3 .package files.

Delphy's Sims3Pack Multi Installer

Designed for mass installing multiple Sims3Packs into a specific folder.

TSR Merlin

This program is compatible with both Windows and Mac and lets you easily install/uninstall both .sims3pack and .package files. You can also view the content of a package before installing to make sure your files are clean. Instant installation of .sims3pack files (as compared to the Launcher installation process).

When run for the first time TSR Merlin also sets up the required framework for using .package files such as MODs.

Marhis' TS3 Framework Installer for Mac OS X

Help has arrived for Mac users looking for an easier way to install Sims3 .package files.

JFade's 3Viewer (Beta)

The 3Viewer aims to be a Sims3Pack Installer, Editor, and overall Download Manager all without using the Launcher provided by EA. Think of it as the Sims 3 version of the Clean Installer with additional content management capabilities.

JFade's The Compressorizor Redux! (Beta)

The Compressorizer Redux! will compress DBPF package files to save hard drive space. Just like the Sims 2 Compressorizer, the Sims 3 Compressorizer allows you to pick a directory and will search for all known file extensions utilized by the game.


Instructions and help on building the perfect lot in Sims 3.

Building Tutorials

Video Building Tutorials

Meshing Tools

WesHowe is doing great work with some Milkshape plugins:

Meshing Tutorials

Advanced Coding

If you are interested in all the file formats that go to make up the game, check these resources out:

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