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This tutorial doesn't explain things well. There are far better tutorials on teach OO programming. Link to those and focus instead on how to achieve a specific goal. What are you trying to teach people at the end of this tutorial? What will the end user actually learn and have at the end? Right now it just feels very unfinished.

Delphy 15:48, 13 December 2011 (EST)

Hi delphy. Thanks for the response.

This guide is in no where near complete. My goal for this tutorial is to teach modders with little to none programming experience to create a fully functional scripting mod and how I have learned. It isnt complete and wont be for a few more weeks. I still have some stuff typed up that I havent added yet. Really this is a half completed rough draft, hence why I havent promoted this tutorial and a way for me to try out the wiki coding. Again thanks for the response.

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