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The whole point of modding a game is to change or add content to it. The great thing about the Sims 2 is that there is a LOT to mess around with. Please note that some mods are easier to make than others. That's why our tutorial section has the following difficulty rating:

Level Rating Description
#1 Newbie Level 1 tutorials assume very little previous knowledge and explain things every step of the way.
#2 Beginner These tutorials are a bit more specialised. They will assume that you at least know how your paint program works. They're easy to follow but don't necessarily explain every single step of the way in detail.
#3 Intermediate You'll need to have gathered some skills here, or be prepared for long and complicated procedures.
#4 Advanced Basic meshing skills and moderate understanding of SimPE are needed to complete these tutorials. You're no longer making 'the basics', ya know.
#5 Numenorean So you know all about joints, bhav's and basic animation? Looking for a new challenge? These require high levels of concentration and very good prior knowledge of the programs used.

This rating is set by experienced modders and tutorial writers to reflect what we think is the most common or most logical path. The difficulty of making a mod, however, is very subjective. So please use the rating as a general guideline, and not a strict step-by-step program.

Your first and most important skill here is reading. The sheer volume of some tutorials may seem daunting, but then again, there's no quick-and-easy way to make ANY mods.

Firstly, though, reading tutorials will be much easier if you're able to understand the weird slang modders speak. Please read the glossary

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