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Susan Alexandra, known on the exchange as Angelsways1,has been playing sims since the first Sim City on up to Sims 2 Free Time & nearly all the stuff packs included. She's owned every EP regardless of what it contained.She's truely addicted. She started out just making her favorite soap actors/actresses into sims,from there she discovered a love of building,then the recoloring of outfits and objects captured her eye and now she's delving into making meshes. She can't wait for Sims 3 to come out but for now she patiently awaits the arrival of Apartment Life !

On a personal note, She's been married now for 21 yrs and has 3 sons, ranging in age from 8 to 24. Her husband doesn't always understand her sims addiction but he supports it and now with his Oblivion addiction, he's starting to look at her sims knowledge in a different light LOL.

She's a free agent when it comes to her creations now. You might find her just about anywhere. She's also started her own Sims 2 website

Angelsways1's Sims 2 Creations You'll find my newest creations there.

And as of June 2009 she's also started a Sims 3 website

A&A Sims 3 Things

Noteworthy Lots

She's most known for her Castle of Rivers series on the exchange and here are just a few links that are left after much culling LOL

10th Castle of Rivers

40th Castle of Rivers: Forever in Love

46th Castle of Rivers : The Promise

50th Castle of Rivers

Some items from her MTS2 page:

Traditional Treasure

Angelsways1's Liquid Eyes 2007

Toddler Time : Beds for your Toddlers New Mesh by Angelsways1

Other Lots:

National Cemetary

Paradise Penthouse scroll down

Noteworthy Sims

Sims were the first thing she ever uploaded to the exchange and she started out with her Soap Opera sims from the ABC soaps, All My Children.

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane AMC

Walt Willey as Jackson Montgomery AMC

She also made many other sims including

Entire MASH 4077th Cast

Stevie Nicks

Me as a Sim 2007

Sandra Bullock & The Ladies of CSI *scroll down

Noteworthy Stories

She recreated the characters from the hit tv show M*A*S*H and showcased them in a story. They are no longer available on her sim page due to culling. Read the story here

MASH Part 1& 2

This next story is basically revisiting her childhood home where her parents owned their own floral shop. She has 2 lots , one made with Uni and the other made with OFB on her simpage Welcome to Rivers End

Noteworthy Movies

She loves making sim movies,thanks to Pyronium3. He introduced her to this aspect of the game.

Sims on Film

An Ocean Apart

The following movie contains adult situations but no nudity


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