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Wings 3d is a 3d program.



Wings3D uses a "full 3D" interface (unlike other programs that mainly use orthogonal planes). It's very good to model static object meshes, thanks to the numerous modeling functions it has; but it can't be used to create animated meshes (objects or clothings), because it doesn't manage joints and morphs.

Filetypes supported

  • .wings (proprietary)
  • .obj
  • .3ds
  • .lwo/.lxo (Lightwave)
  • .wlr (VRML 2)
  • Some others

Use in Sims 2 Modding

See also: Comparison of 3d modeling programs used in the Sims 2

Used for static object meshes. It's possible to create an animated object in Wings, but then you need Milkshape or the MTS2 MeshTool in order to assign the vertices to the joints. It's not advisable to use Wings3D to create clothings or other BodyShop meshes.

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