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EP1: World Adventures allows your sims to perform specific tasks called Adventures. Each Adventure has certain criteria, and once fulfilled your sim can be rewarded with simoleons, ancient coins, visa points, or relationship gains with a particular sim.

Types of Adventures

Most of the adventures your sims can go on fall into one or more of the following categories.


Some adventures can "chain" from one to another: accept the first adventure and complete it and your sim will automatically be offered the next part in the adventure.

Go Fetch

Your sim will be asked to collect or create a certain number of a particular item: bugs, rocks, gems, metals, and nectar. For those items that can be collected, your sim will generally be able to use the Map View to find them - just look for a map tag that leads you directly to the item. For nectar, you may have to raise your Nectar Making skill and manufacture the necessary nectar bottles.

You will continue to get the map tags even after you have finished collecting the necessary number of items. For particularly high value items like rare bugs and ores this can be useful: don't finish the Adventure immediately, but instead wait and continue collecting the items as they show up in Map View. You can gain thousands of simoleons this way as well as easily finish your Adventures.

Social Interaction

Talk to one or more sims and ask them/convince them/explain to them about something. You will need to chat up a particular sim or just any local (depending on the adventure). Queue up a bunch of friendly interactions until your sims are good Acquaintances, and then try the interaction needed to fulfill the Adventure requirements. If it doesn't work, do some more friendly interactions until it works. Some Adventures will require a higher relationship level than others for the sims to do what you want, so just keep at it.

Tomb Raiding

Explore a particular tomb. Sometimes you may have to bring back a particular item from the tomb, or just explore part of the tomb, or fully explore it - some adventures vary a bit. Usually if you need a keystone to complete the Adventure, you'll be given it at the start of the Adventure - look for it in your sim's inventory.

Adventure Walkthroughs

Need specific information on how to complete particular adventures? Below are guides to specific adventures including screenshots for the tricky parts.

This section is still under construction.



Standalone Adventures


Lost Library of Landgraab


Nectar Machine


Adventure Introduction

Pangu's Axe

The Vision Statue


Martial Arts

Market Caverns

Lost Member

Resolute Fist Retreat

The Dragon's Maw


Standalone Adventures

Adventuring Tips

Want a sim to become a great Adventurer? Try these tips to make the most of your journeys:

  • Adventurous: Give your sims the Adventurous Trait to improve your Visa level faster so you can go on longer journeys and enjoy the trip more.
  • Brave: Give your sims the Brave Trait to prevent the Fear moodlet from getting caught by traps and bugs on the hand when exploring tombs.
  • Sultan's Tabernacle: Purchase the Sultan's Tabernacle from the Special Merchant in Egypt. It can give a "Slept Like a King/Queen" moodlet when slept in, and is by far the best tent.
  • Inappropriate But in a Good Way: Purchase this Lifetime Reward to prevent families who live over tombs scolding you for sleeping on their property.
  • Prepared Traveler: Purchase this Lifetime Reward to stay in destinations longer. Only one sim in a travelling party need purchase this to get the extra time.
  • Check Your Gear: Check out the local markets before heading out. Pick up a tent, Shower-in-a-Can, some food, and check the Relic Merchant for any extra keystones.
  • The Buddy System: Have your sims travel in pairs (or more). One sim can go tomb raiding while the other stays above ground collecting items. If the first sim gets stuck, the other can come down and help them. You can transfer items directly from one inventory to the other without the sims being anywhere near each other, so it's easy to send the buddy to get some more food or to come down and offer company to a lonely sim.

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