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Over the past five years, Delphy and the staff have improved, modded, and generally screwed with MTS to bring it to a point where it is smooth and generally easy to use, packed with systems and and options, and largely unrecognisable as a vBB forum. As a result of this, there are a great many nifty features which new, or even very old, members may not be aware of. This article will list those particularly useful features which are often overlooked. For the purposes of this article, the features will be divided into groups roughly according to which "type" of user is most likely to wish to use them - there is, however, some overlap.

Features for Creators

Features for Downloaders

Community Features

Features for the Lost & Confused

Features for Everyone




Everyone likes a pretty profile, and MTS aims to allow customisation to the point where profiles are close to being individual mini-websites. As such, we have plenty of customisation options for creator profiles. Most of these options can be found under User Links -> Edit Profile, and are only available to uploaders with one or more approved uploads (unless otherwise stated).

Custom profile title

The first step to making your profile distinctly you-ish is to name it. The custom profile title option is under Additional Information in your edit profile screen, and allows you to set a name which will display in the breadcrumbs - as seen on Numenor's profile, Numenor Moddings.

Custom styles/colours

Once you have one approved upload, you can choose any of MTS' colour themes to display your profile in, as seen by daysies' use of the Hello Kitty theme. If you have ten or more approved uploads, you can set up custom colours yourself, using hex codes. See here for a screenshot showing which lines in your edit profile options affect which parts of your profile (it's an eyesore, solely for demonstration purposes - please make sure the colours you choose are readable and don't hurt the eyes, or you may find the colours reset.).


Want to put on airs? MTS provides all creators with automatic subdomains, which lead to their profiles - such as Do be aware that the subdomain may not work if you have special characters (@, &, * etc) in your user name.

Policy boxes

Attaching your redistribution policies to the bottom of all your upload posts is all well and good, but displaying them on your profile is even better. User Links -> My Policies allows you set up preset policies using checkboxes, which will display underneath your downloads on your profile, as seen on EsmeraldaF's profile. If the checkboxes don't go into enough detail, you can also put your policies in the About Me box in your profile options - this displays at the top of your profile, as seen on Lethe's profile.


Creators can start journals, which can be used to keep your rabid fans up-to-date between uploads. Journal entries can also be commented on by the aforementioned rabid fans. To start a journal, go to User Links -> Edit Journal; journals can be public, or you can choose which members can access your journal. If you have a journal, it will show up in the Journal tab of your profile, as seen on V1ND1CARE's profile.


If you have a journal, then you have the option to make a journal post a guestbook using the checkbox on the new journal entry page. This will then show up as a separate tab, for people to leave general comments for you. See it in action on Delphy's profile.

A prettified creator profile.

3 Personal Picks

Everyone has a favourite upload of theirs, and you can set up to 3 uploads as personal picks, using the checkbox when you edit an upload post. These will show up above your regular downloads on your profile, as seen on sims2cri's profile.


You thought creators are just people who upload, huh? If you have some expertise but don't want to upload here, or if you're an uploader who wants to share their knowledge, then you can post tutorials in the Create forums - as well as being a huge contribution to the site, these will show up on the Articles tab on your profile, seen here on Flabiliki's profile.

Featured Creators

Featured creators are the absolute best we have on MTS - so they get a couple of extra pretties.


Featured Creators can upload a banner which displays at the top of their profile, and at the top of all their download pages, such as Fresh-Prince's banner.

8 Personal Picks

Featured creators can also choose eight personal picks, instead of the regular three.

Learning to create

The site is ModTheSims, after all - we're all about learning to customise the game exactly to your liking. So, enjoy our collection of resources designed to help you learn to mod!


MTS is primarily a modding resource, and as such we have a huge collection of tutorials, for all types of Sims 2 and Sims 3 modding - all available on the Wiki. Anyone can post tutorials - simply write your tutorial and post it; either as a thread in the appropriate create forum, or as a wiki article. Adding a tutorial to the wiki is as simple as going to, and typing away.

The Creator Feedback Forum

Two pairs of eyes are better than one, and a few hundred are even better than that. If you've been working on something, and especially if you're planning to upload it, then the Creator Feedback Forum is the perfect place to get comments, tips, ideas for improvement, and constructive criticism from other creators before you upload. A load of experienced modders, keen-eyed downloaders, and moderators frequent CFF - so it's a great opportunity to get your creation absolutely polished to perfection.

Create forums

If you need help before the polishing stage ("wtf, it's floating six feet above the sim's head!" "Ack, no, it looks like a fricking snowflake, I dunno what's wrong with it!"), then we have an extensive Create section, covering all sorts of modding, where you can get help with your modding mishaps, or advice when you're stumped. The various Create forums are found in the Create menu on the navbar.

#create and #ts3mod

If you've never used our live chat, do so now! In addition to a social channel for general chatter, we have two modding channels - #create and #ts3mod. #create is a great place to hang out if you're a modder, to trade pics of and suggestions for your latest project, get inspiration, take part in mini-contests, and generally have fun.

If you're a more advanced modder for TS3, dealing with file formats, C# programming, and the like, then you may find a place to bounce ideas and figure out the latest EA travesty in #ts3mod. Be aware - this channel is for very advanced modding discussions, usually about writing new modding tools and the like; for chat and help on the subject of normal modding for TS3 - meshing, texturing, building, sim-making, etc - you want to be in #create.

Finding content

Sim and lot creators in particular will know well the pain of trying to find exactly the right bit of content for a project. But all is not lost!

Content Lists

It's exactly what it says on the tin. The Content Lists for Sims 2 and Sims 3 list custom content from all over the community, grouped by theme. These are incredibly useful for finding just the thing you need - and if you know of a great site or download which should be on the lists but isn't, just add it!

Hair gallery

There's a huge amount of hair out there, and sim creators will know well how impossible it may seem to find just the right hair for your sim. Thus, we have the Sims 2 and Sims 3 hair galleries: collections of all sorts of hairs from some of the best-known, and less well-known, creators in the community.


Have you seen it, got a picture of it, know exactly what it is - but have no idea who made it or where you can download it? Or are you looking for something very specific, which you can't find anywhere? The Where Can I Find...? forums are for just such a situation; post what you're looking for, and members who spend far too much time downloading stuff will see if they can find it somewhere for you.



One of the most attractive features of MTS for creators is visibility. MTS is the most popular site in the sims community, and while we don't have the specialisation that is the forte of some smaller sites, you'd be hard-pushed to find someone in the sims community who hasn't heard of us. Uploading to MTS exposes your work to thousands of viewers every day; there are usually around 2500-3000 people browsing MTS at any one time, and if you have your own website, then downloaders who find your stuff on MTS are in turn more likely to visit your site as well. For those who don't have their own website, MTS is a simple way to upload your work on a free site where you have total control of your content, and which is designed to give the best experience possible for downloaders; without you having to learn html, css, php, or whatever other crazy moon language is used to write websites nowadays.

Quality Standards

MTS is well known for having high standards of quality, and it's obvious how this benefits downloaders. However, its is also a positive thing for creators; for one there's no chance of quality uploads getting lost in crap, but most importantly high standards encourage creators to improve. At MTS we believe that creators should always be trying to improve their skills, and having such high standards enables us to push creators to do the best work they can - which in turn inspires other creators to push themselves further.

Picks & Features

One of the ways we try to encourage creators to make awesome stuff is by showcasing uploads that are awesomefab. Featured items are the absolute best of the best, perfectly implemented, or technologically incredible uploads - things that make the mods' jaws drop, and are all hand picked and tested by staff. Picks are uploads which are not quite incredible to be featured, but still pretty bloody excellent; the most popular items on MTS.

Upload Wizard

One of the most technically remarkable features of MTS is the Upload Wizard. It has been developed over several years to make uploading as straightforward as possible - it gives clear onscreen instructions every step of the way, and if you run out of time, you can save your upload partway through the process and come back to it later via your User Links -> Subscribed Threads.

Constructive moderation system

Hand in hand with our quality standards and ethos of improving our work goes MTS' moderation system. While we appreciate that sometimes the idea is quite daunting, and that having an upload rejected can be discouraging, we really do fee that the moderation system can help creators tremendously. One of its functions is to catch mistakes or omissions that you may have missed when uploading - the added layer of checking ensures that everything about your upload is perfect when it hits the downloaders. Its main function, however, is to keep a handle on quality: and to make sure that uploaders who have work rejected or who recieve a changes required know exactly what they need to work on. If we have to reject an upload, we tell the creator exactly why it was rejected, so you'll never be left with no idea what's wrong with your work.

Creator Issues

Usually, if you need to communicate with the mods about your upload in the queue, you can use the text box under the "I'm ready for this to be reviewed by a moderator" checkbox. However, if this isn't possible, or if you have another question about about the uploading process, we have a forum specifically for that purpose - the Creator Issues forum. This forum is private; that is, only you and the staff can see threads you make, so we can discuss issues which you don't want aired in public.

MTS has an advanced download filtering system, to help downloaders find exactly what they're after.

MTS is home to over 100,000 downloads, and while everyone of them is an excellent piece of work, sometimes downloaders want something specific. Not only can creators add keywords to their uploads to help with searching, they can make use of our tagging system - which allows you to describe your upload's basic characteristics in a few checkboxes, which then tie into our download browser filters to make it quick and easy to find, say, realistic binned male hairs for children.

Thanks/feedback posts

It always make a creator feel great when people thank them for their work, and even better if they go to the trouble of leaving a comment. But with the best will in the world, creators don't always read every "omg, I love it!" - and that means that sometimes comments which point out issues, or suggest improvements, get missed. MTS has two different comment types for this, and as a creator, you can easily switch between viewing only Feedback comments or viewing everything, using the "Hide Thanks Posts for this thread (Show only feedback)" link on the Comments tab of any download. This means that you can still quickly find and respond to questions and problems, even when you don't feel like basking in your own glory.


Everyone likes statistics, don't they? By clicking on User Links -> Scorecard, creators can quickly see a bunch of neat information on how many thanks and downloads they've received, and when; as well as which of their downloads are most popular, which have the highest thanks to downloads ratio, and a load of other cool stuff. Your scorecard is private, so only you can see which of your creations has been downloaded by 6 out of 10 aliens.

Modding Groups

Are you working on a project with a group of modders? Or do you just have one friend (boo) who you like to work with? Modding groups are shared accounts which can be accessed by any member of the group, and which allow you to upload, and take credit for, work as a collective - as MaryLou & Numenor do. To make a modding group account, create an account with the name you want to use; then post in Creator Issues with a link to the group account's profile, and to the profiles of all the prospective members. An admin will then set up the group for you.


Download browser

One of MTS' most distinctive features is the download browser - surprisingly, it still runs off vBulletin; it has just had its panties modded off. The browser is designed to be as intuitive and informative as possible; to make browsing or searching for a specific download as easy as possible.

Game Switcher

Probably the biggest challenge MTS faced in 2009 was the problem of how to integrate Sims 3 functionality into the site, without making the system overly complex or messy. Eventually, the mods thought up a way, and left Delphy to figure out how the hell it could be coded - the final result is a simple system which allows quick and easy access to content for whichever game you prefer.

The first part of this system is the default setting - User Links -> Edit Options allows you to set whether you prefer to see Sims 2 or Sims 3 content by default. Then, if you wish to see content other than that defined as default, you can do so either by hitting Sims 2, Sims 3, or All, in the Downloads menu; or, for a quick switch within the downloads browser, by clicking the game icon in the top right of the browser interface. Seemples!

Once you've chosen your game, you can browse to the type of downloads you're interested in with the "Drill-downs", or sections - these allow you to view anything from all downloads, to just Buy Mode Objects, to just Electrical Objects which are recolours of EA objects; with just a few clicks.

Filters & searching

Another incredibly handy feature of the Download Browser is the filters system. The filters display a different set of options depending on which section you're browsing - for example, the filters will offer options regarding lot size and number of bedrooms when browsing houses, and options regarding age and style when browsing hair. Filters also allow you to select only new meshes, only recolours, only downloads by one specific creator, only downloads by creators you have set as Favourite Creators - or, on a technical note, only those downloads compatible with the EPs you have set in your User Links -> Edit Profile, all downloads, only downloads made of cheesecake and win, etc.

Filters also allow you to sort downloads by when they were uploaded, when they were last commented on, or when they were last updated - so you can easily spot, for example, when your favourite creators update their downloads.

The Filters are an exceedingly useful system to help you browse only what you're looking for - which is useful on a site with so much content.

The Download Quick Preview lightbox.

Download Quick Preview

Want to have a look at a downloads details quickly, without loading the download page? Click the thumbnail to bring up Quick Preview, which shows you the upload text and images in a neat lightbox - and if you're interested, follow through to the download page itself.

Download view

Once you've found a download you're interested in, the download browser view for individual games is, again, designed to provide all the info you need quickly and easily.

Overview tab
The Overview tab provides the uploader's description of the item - which generally includes how it works, what any issues are, and essentially what it is. Required custom content is always easily located, at the bottom of the overview; and if you like an item included in the screenshots which is not part of the download, it will usually be linked in the overview text - MTS requires that creators give credit to those creators whose work is shown in their screenshots.
Download tab
If you've decided that you want to download, or if you just want a closer look at the pictures; the Download tab gives all the included pictures, files, any meshes you need, and the required Expansion or Stuff Packs. Click on the picture thumbnails to see the full sized versions.
Install Instructions tab
The Install instructions tab provides, yes, installation instructions for that specific type of content, in case you need a reminder; plus any custom installation instructions that the creator has specified.
Comments tab
The Comments tab allows you to leave a thanks comment, report an issue, or look through previous comments to see if anyone else has asked a question you'd like to know the answer to already. If you're looking for comments regarding a question or issue, you can filter out Thanks posts using the Hide Thanks Posts for this thread (Show only feedback) link at the top of the Comments tab.
Related Pages tab
The Related Pages tab provides links to any recolours (on MTS) of the download, if it is a mesh; as well as giving links to search for other links with the same tags as the download you're currently viewing. In addition, there is a Recommendations section, which lists other Downloads which are commonly Thanked by downloaders who also Thanked the download you're viewing. Think of Amazon - these features make it easy to find other downloads of a similar style and function.

Thanking and Leaving Feedback

If you like a download, Thank it! A Thanks button can be found at the bottom of every tab on a Download page, and in the scrolling footer bar - go on, nothing makes a creator happier than someone saying thanks. Of course, if you'd rather say thankyou, rather than just clicking a button, you can do so - post a comment using the Post Thanks button; this will post your comment and add a Thank, under your name, to the download.

If, however, you've a more substantial comment to make - a question, a problem, or a suggestion for how the download could be improved - you can use the Post Feedback option: Feedback posts can be viewed separately from Thanks posts by the creator, so they can easily keep track of all their feedback and, hopefully, respond to it quicker.

Download Quality

High Quality

MTS is, and always will be, about quality - we pride ourselves on having the highest quality standards of any community site. We have Creator Guidelines, a moderation system which reviews every upload carefully by at least one staff member, and numerous resources to help creators do the best they possibly can. The result of all this is that, as a downloader, you get only the best content on MTS - high quality uploads with clear descriptions and instructions. MTS creators work up rather a sweat to bring you content we're proud to host - which is another reason to say thanks to them frequently. ;)

Picks & Features

In any artistic or technical venture, some work stands out above the rest. Although all of our content is good stuff, MTS has two specific ways of picking out the absolute best stuff.

Picks are downloads which have, using a super secret algorithm, been determined to be very popular. Picked downloads are downloads which are evidently either very good, or very useful - or potentially both.

Featured downloads are the stuff that makes the mods fall off our chairs and be converted when we see it in the moderation queue. These uploads are, to all intents and purposes, perfect - they've obviously taken a huge amount of care and effort, and the result is fantastic. If a creator's download is Featured, that creator becomes a Featured Creator: signifying that they are making some of the absolute best content around.

No Pay Stuff!

MTS is, always has been, and always will be 100% free. Although donators get perks, these are pretty insignificant things intended as a thanks - a slightly larger avatar, a pretty icon, a custom title, etc. We firmly believe that charging for hobby content is distinctly unsportsmanlike. As such, we refuse to promote or support pay content - no download on MTS may require pay content, or promote it in screenshots. Pay content may only be used if it is included and the creator allows it - essentially, you will never have to pay anyone to use any of the content available on MTS.

Non-MTS Downloads

As much as we'd love all the awesome content out there to be on MTS, we know that this sadly isn't the case. As such, we have several features specifically aimed at promoting awesome free content from all over the community.


Have you seen it, got a picture of it, know exactly what it is - but have no idea who made it or where you can download it? Or are you looking for something very specific, which you can't find anywhere? The Where Can I Find...? forums are for just such a situation; post what you're looking for, and members who spend far too much time downloading stuff will see if they can find it somewhere for you.

An entry in the Finds list.


Have you found something really neat that you'd like to share? Or are you just browsing for new stuff and new sites? MTS' community Finds system allows members to add and read finds from all over the community - Finds of MTS items are ok, but not too many of them; Finds are supposed to be about the sim content world beyond MTS.

Content Lists

It's exactly what it says on the tin. The Content Lists for Sims 2 and Sims 3 list custom content from all over the community, grouped by theme. These are incredibly useful for finding just the thing you need - and if you know of a great site or download which should be on the lists but isn't, just add it!

Content Updates

Do you have your own free downloads site, which you'd like a bit of publicity for? The Content Updates forum is for you - a simple way for creators to promote their site, and for downloaders to find out about new sites they never knew existed.

Keeping track


Everyone has their favourite creators, and their favourite downloads - and MTS has systems for keeping track of both.

Once you've Thanked a download, the option to add it to Favourites will appear; clicking this link will add the download to your Favourites list, which will display on your profile so others can see what you think is awesome, as well as being listed under User Links -> My Favourites; and will give the creator a fuzzy happy feeling next time they visit their Scorecard.

If there's a creator who consistently churns out stuff you love, you can add them as a Favourite Creator, by clicking the link under the avatar on their profile page. Aside from making the creator feel awesome, this has several useful effects - you can filter the Downloads browser to see only downloads by your favourite creators, and myMTS can display a box showing all your favourite creators' new uploads.

Creator RSS Feeds

If you want a more immediate method of keeping up with a creator, or if you don't want to use myMTS; you can subscribe to creator's RSS feed using your regular RSS reader - the link can be found on the creator's profile, in the bottom bar of the Latest Downloads box.


In addition to a buttload of awesome downloads, MTS has a friendly and thriving community, which does everything from talking about sims, to debating politics, to sharing artwork - and plenty more. Most of this you can find easily enough browsing the community section, but there a few things which may not be immediately obvious.


The Creativity profile tab.

Non-Sims Creativity

We may be a sims site, but, as we're forever telling folks who want it {fixed|answered|moderated|slapped|done} nao!!!11, even simmers have real lives. As such, we have sections for totally non-sim-related creative endeavours - be it drawing, painting, photography, poetry, stories, or anything the hell else: the Creative Corner is a great place to post your stuff for comments, help, and general ability to show it to the world. In addition, we have a Roleplaying forum; for those who like to be a superhero over the internets.

Sims Creativity

Simmers are a creative bunch, and we have a huge Sims Creativity section; covering sim pictures, movies, stories and contests.

Creativity tab

Creators have a gallery of their work on their profile, so why shouldn't non-modder creative types have one too? On MTS, they do! The Creativity tab automatically creates a gallery of everything you've posted in the Creative Corner and the Sim Creativity forum, and is customisable just like the rest of your profile. Perfect for showing off your 1337 creative skillz.


Social sections

Let it never be said that MTS is just about sims. We may focus on bringing you awesome custom content, but if you just want to sit back and hang out, we provide for that too - with our Social Sections covering just about every topic you can think of. Want to talk about other games? We've got a section for that! Want to talk about TV, music, movies, and other such things? We've got a section for that! Want to test our your debating skills on a srs bznz topic? That's right! And if you just want to relax and chat about various other things, or welcome some newbies to the site; we've got sections for that too.

And, of course, if you just have to talk about sims - well, we've got a Sims 2 and a Sims 3 section too. You can find all of the social forums through the Community menu.

Social groups

Do you have a particular interest, hobby, or slightly unhealthy obsession that you love to talk about, but which doesn't fit in any of the existing social forums? Chances are, someone has made a Social Group for people just like you. We currently have over 250 public social groups, so you're sure to find at least one to suit you.

Remember, normal rules apply to posting in social groups - except the rules about starting off-topic threads. ;)


If you've got a bit of time to spare, and you can type in full words, why not drop by the MTS IRC(chatroom)? The #social channel is a great place to chat about anything you fancy - not only sims-related stuff, but pretty much anything you can think of, as well as boobs. You can find instructions on how to set up your own IRC client to use the MTS chat on the entry page, or you can use the online javascript chat client, right here, or by hitting Live Chat in the Community menu.

Come along and say hi - we don't bite much!


Social networking

Every year MTS runs a yearbook - any member can post up a pic and some info on themselves, and silly comments and unexpected compliments are traded all round. You can view the latest yearbook here: we usually start a new yearbook in October/November of each year, so keep an eye on the Site News.

Social networking

D'you have facebook? Twitter? MSN? AIM? MySpace? A pony? D'you want to share them with other MTS users? The "Profile" box on the Overview tab of your profile has a handy little collection of links for all sorts of social networking things, which you can set by going to User Links -> Edit Profile.

The profile can display links or buttons for ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and your own website.

The Lost & Confused

Are you lost? Confused? Do you need help? Do you have no fracking clue what's going on here? Read on!

Game Help

If your Sims 2 or 3 game is broken, crashing, not loading, looking weird, purple, or trying to get out of your window to go to a fox hunting protest; we can help! We have a huge amount of info on almost every problem you can imagine - all accessible through the Game Help menu. Simply pick your game, decide what type of problem you have, and voilà - fixes and advice for every type of problem. And if you've looked through the FAQs, followed any that apply, and you're still mystified; then we have staff and helpful members in the Game Help forums who can help you figure out what the hell's going on.

Computer & Software Help

Is your problem not with a Sims game, but with your computer generally? Does it keep shutting down, do you think you have a virus, do you want advice on buying or building a new computer? Do you have any other general computer-related problem or question? The Computer & Software Help forum can, well, help. Just be sure to post as much information as you can.

Site Questions & Issues

Do you have a question about, or a problem with, MTS itself? Go to Site -> Site Questions & Issues - and all shall be revealed (or fixed)!


Some features aren't specifically geared towards any particular type of member - the following are useful, fun, or just awesome for everybody.


Everyone likes to show off, and at MTS we make that easy - the Accomplishments tab of your profile shows little trophies for doing various things to get involved with the site, as well as details of any Creator Challenges you've entered. You can get achievements for all sorts of things, ranging from creating certain types of content, writing tutorials or FAQs to posting a story or movie, or just doing something singularly spectacular - and new achievements are still being worked on.

Can you catch 'em all?


Don't like blue? What are you, some kind of blue-hating alien heathen?!

If you don't like the style of the site, or you just fancy a change; we have a whopping 12 different styles for you to choose from, all listed in the handy Style Quick Chooser at the bottom of every page. And if you don't like the way the Downloads browser is laid out, you can change that too; just click the More Options link next to the Style Chooser and customise to your heart's content.

You can also totally redesign your MTS front page to suit you, using MyMTS!

"Share this"

We know that there's a whole lot of awesome stuff on MTS, and we know you want to share it with everyone you know, of course! All download pages and threads have a Share This menu on the bar at the bottom of the screen, which will allow you to automatically post the page to your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg,, StumbleUpon or Google Bookmarks; in only a few short clicks.

Image resizing

Ever loaded a thread to find that someone has posted a huge image, which stretches the page to be far too wide for your browser? Have you ever needed to post a big pic, but not wanted to do so in case you stretched the page for some people?

All images inlined into posts on MTS (that is, added with the [img]whatever.jpg[/img] tags) will now be automatically resized if someone with a smaller browser window views the post - but they'll only be resized for that person; so people with larger browsers will still see the whole thing. Resized images have a little banner across the bottom, telling the viewer that the image has been resized, and that they can see the full size pic by clicking on it. No fussing or wrangling required!

100% free

Everything on MTS - not just the CC, but the forums, the features, the chat, and everything else you can think of - is 100% free. We will never, ever charge a penny for anything except mousemats and tshirts.

Custom new posts views.
New Posts subscription groups

MTS is a big place - so big, in fact, that we have roughly 1200 new posts on an average day. Working on the absolutely correct assumption that no-one wants to read 1200 new posts every day, the new posts subscription groups feature was created. Using this feature, you can filter which forums' posts show up on your new posts page. Not only that, but you can set up multiple new posts views, so if you want one view which shows all the modding forums you're interested in, and another which shows your favourite social areas, you can have exactly that. Just click To change or filter which forums display here, or to add a new view, click here. on your new posts screen.


Looking for something? Aren't we all?

MTS has a range of searching options - from searching just for downloads, members ("Hysteriwhatwasthatagain?"), or wiki articles; to searching the whole site, or just searching a particular forum or thread of your choosing. We have download search tags, so that searching for default eyes will find even those default eyes which don't say "default" in the description, and we even have auto-links, so that sometimes you won't even need to search. The world, as they say, is at your mousetips.

Quote hiding

Quoting people is a useful thing - but sometimes it can be a thing that gets in the way. If you're someone who prefers not to see quotes lying about the place, you can turn on quote hiding, and quotes will be collapsed into a small marker. If you can't guess who or what the poster is quoting, just expand the marker to see the full quote. To turn on quote hiding, just go User Links -> Edit Options, and tick "View quotes as spoilers" in the Thread Display Options section.

Responsive reporting system

Have you seen a post that breaks the rules? Is someone spamming, flaming, t4lk1n lyk der brane fell 0ut, or just generally being a dick? Every post on MTS has a "Report this post" link, for you to bring posts to the mods' attention, and your report will be seen by a mod within a few hours, if not minutes. Not only that, but when a mod reads a report, checks the post or situation being reported, and decides what to do; you'll usually get a PM explaining our response to the issue - unless it's an obvious response, such as a post being deleted or a user being banned. This means that you won't be left at a loose end, wondering what happened, when we deal with an issue privately or when something you reported turns out not to be a problem after all.

Friendly mods!

MTS prides itself on having a friendly, welcoming, and helpful atmosphere, and our mods are no exception. Although we're not always farting rainbows, MTS mods will always do our best to keep things calm, to prevent arguments, and to answer questions and offer advice ourselves where we can. Mods aren't a holy grail - we try to be approachable and helpful, and we believe that if we wish to encourage the fantastic atmosphere of MTS, we'll do so by leading by example.


MTS has high quality hosting, with all the lace and frills. We have an extensive collection of underwear, and our pantie army works seamlessly with our bra legion to bring you MTS, the only place to get real support without sacrificing the sexy feeling of satin between your buns!

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