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Cafe Break set with commercial snack and food displays, signs, working commercial coffee dispenser, working refrigerated display case (refrigerator) with Quick Meal option, popcorn machine, soda machine, counter, chair, table by mensure at TSR (free)

Edible Deco Food

  • New fully functional birthday cake by Podchacha

Deco food

  • Barbecue: meat kebob and ketchup bottle by Severinka at Sims3s
  • Barbeque: meat kebob, ketchup bottle, and vegetables for grilling by annflower1 at TSR(free)
  • Bread basket and sushi by Infusorian
  • Bread basket and wedge of pie/quiche by VitaSims (in Sea Surf kitchen set)
  • Breads by Helen-sims
  • Breads by To Sleep in a Nightmare
  • Breakfast: bacon/eggs/toast, breads, butter, cereal bowl, cereal box, smoked turkey breast, and provolone cheese by Simcredible(free)
  • Breakfast: bread slices, croissant, hot cocoa, and yogurt by Infusorian
  • Breakfast: croissants and coffee by Elenka at Prosims
  • Brunch by Tinkle at BPS
  • Candy dish by Crea Sims 3 (Coupelle vide-poches)
  • CoffeeMate, tureen, cup of soup, and cutting board with sausage and cheese by Elenka at Prosims
  • Dessert: cherry tarts, meat pies, meat rolls and chips, French macaroons, strawberry tarts, bread basket, muffins, big cake, ice cream, banana split sundae by Black Sweety at One More Sim
  • Dessert: chocolate cake by BlackSweety
  • Dessert: cookies on cookie rack by Lisen801 at MTS
  • Dessert: cupcakes by NewOne at OBP
  • Dessert: soda cupcakes by Tinkle at BPS
  • Dessert: sundae (deco) by Helen-sims (in Gir's Room set)
  • Dessert: sweets by Helen
  • Doughnuts, cookies, and peaches by Infusorian
  • Edible: bagel, sub, quiche by Around the Sims 3
  • Edible: deli tray foods by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: Dessert: cake sices (strawberry and mocha) by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: Dessert: cookie, brownie, cupcake, and Black Forest cake by Around the Sims 3
  • Edible: Dessert: cupcakes by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: Dessert: pastries and macaroon by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: Dessert: pastries and tarts by Around the Sims 3
  • Edible: lasagna and tiramisu by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: Picnic: hamburger and hot dog by Around the Sims 3
  • Edible: Picnic: hamburger and to-go box by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: pizza slice by NewOne at OBP
  • Edible: sushi by NewOne at OBP
  • Food conversions from TS2 by RD at BPS
  • Food trash, drink, and milk by Lemoncandy at MTS
  • Fruit and vegetables, packaged food, and market basket by Einfach Simlisch
  • Fruit bowl by by Susan at Poppy Sims
  • Fruit bowls with limes, oranges, or apples by at Simcredible Designs
  • Fruit plate and dish of ice cream by Lit Sims 3 Stuff
  • Green apples by Elin at BYHSD
  • Hanging meat and garlic by MK Sims
  • Hanging sausage and leg of meat, picnic basket with fruit, bowl of peaches by MK2382 at Prosims
  • Honey bowl, tea bags, bowl of pears, and bowl of lemons by Infusorian
  • Hot chocolate and loaf of bread with jam jar by Sim Tree
  • Jam jar by Elin at BYHSD
  • Lemonade pitcher/glasses - with pink recolor by Desdren (in Spring set)
  • Juice boxes and ice cream by Khany Sims
  • Lemons by Elin at BYHSD
  • Lemons, tomatoes, pan of fried eggs by Lit Sims 3 Stuff
  • McDonalds' deco food by Helen
  • Marmelade jars at Around the Sims
  • Meats (butcher stop style) by riccinumbers at TSR(free)
  • Milk bottle with glass and plated dinner rolls by Severinka
  • Nutella, chocolates, and jelly bean bags by Elenka
  • Perrier and dressed cracker by Elin at BYHSD's Blog
  • Picnic: bagel sandwiches and picnic basket by Easter Egg
  • Picnic: fruit kebobs by Tinkle at BPS
  • Picnic: popsicle, waffle ice cream sundae, and watermelon salad by Tinkle at BPS
  • Pocky set by OBP
  • Salad bowls by 3D Heaven 2 Hell (in Tupelo Patio set)
  • Salads (exotic) by Tinkle at BPS (post number 2)
  • Sandwich (The Breakfast Club) by Tinkle at BPS
  • Snack tray by Elin at BYHSD
  • Snacks: bag of Oreo cookies, bag of Ritz Bits, and basket of bagels by Jasumi at Sim Oasis
  • Snacks: food packaging by Infusorian
  • Snacks: popcorn bowl and beverage glass with ice and straw by mensure at TSR(free)
  • Sushi by BlackSweety
  • Sushi on plates with chopsticks and sauce bowls by Severinka
  • Teapot and tea boxes, ice cream and doughnuts, soda, juice by Infusorian
  • Toast and honey, salami, cheese wedge, pan of fried eggs, cake, and dish of orange slices by Sims Tree($$$)
  • Tray with pitcher, wine glasses, peaches by at VitaSims (in Rattan Outdoor set)
  • Tropical drink and bowl of sherbet by 3D Heaven 2 Hell (in Tupelo patio set)
  • Vintage foods by riccinumbers at TSR(free)

  • Bowl of eggs, mushrooms on a cutting board, mortar and pestle at Sims Trastos INVALID LINK
  • Breakfast: eggs in a frying pan, toast, and tart by SimsTree INVALID LINK

See also Kitchen Clutter for beverage items and for kitchen clutter packs containing packaged and fresh food.

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