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Modding Utilities

Advanced Modding Tools

  • Core Mod Merger by morgade


This is a tool able to inject multiple Core Mods in a batch process. This tool will only be useful if modders agree to develop and distribute core mods in the expected format (dll + config xml).

RightArrow.gif Core Mod Merger

  • Mod Generator by morgade


This tool allows customizing thousands of game parameters and generates a package file to be used as a "mod". No XML editing required.

This tool has not been updated for newer patches. Mods generated with this program are usually not compatible with newer patches. This tool should be used for reference or personal use only!

RightArrow.gif Mod Generator

  • s3pi Library - Programmers Only by Inge & Peter Jones

This is an open source library to support people wishing to make tools for The Sims 3. It is written in C# under .Net 3.5 and contains wrappers that implement methods to read and write package files, unpack packed files, and interpret several filetypes.

RightArrow.gif s3pi Library

Animation Utilities

  • Animator 4 by rothn


RightArrow.gif Animator

  • AnimTool by WesHowe


An experimental S3 Clip converter. Clip is the file that has the actual Sims 3 animation in it. The conversion is to and from the SMD format. SMD is a widely supported format, originally used on the game Half-Life, that supports skeletons, meshes and animations. This is just about the skeletons and animations, but you can add a weighted mesh to the skeleton and it will animate.

The Clip files work on both bodies and objects. Conversion works both ways, from S3 animation to SMD and back.

RightArrow.gif AnimTool

  • Smooth Jazz Animation Script Editor by TigerM


Jazz scripts serve as an intermediate step between the game code and the animation data. They allow some basic level of control of what is played based on various rules, in the form of a finite state machine.

RightArrow.gif Smooth Jazz Animation Script Editor

CAS Utilities


  • Blender GEOM Mesh Plug-In by Morgade

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

A GEOM (body meshes) import/export plugin for Blender.

RightArrow.gif GEOM Mesh Plug-In

  • Milkshape GEOM Plugin by WesHowe


A pair of MilkShape plugins for working with Sims 3 body meshes. This version requires MilkShape 1.8.5, due to TS3 specific requirements.

RightArrow.gif Milkshape Geom Plugins

  • MorphMangle Milkshape Plugin by WesHowe


A Milkshape plugin which automatically transfers changes made to the base mesh to the morph groups. This plugin requires MilkShape 1.8.5.

RightArrow.gif MorphMangle


  • CAS Texture Unitool (CTU) by Delphy and jonha

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

The CAS Texture Unitool, is a tool to allow you to edit the CAS Part files that control which textures appear on which meshes. Using this tool, you may add new textures that appear in CAS for a specific mesh. You may also edit the pattern cutouts for those textures, the specular, the base colours, and pretty much everything possible thats available in the file. Additionally, you can add brand new, non-replacement meshes into the game. CTU includes 3D preview.

RightArrow.gif CAS Texture Unitool

  • Delphy's Acronym Bending Original Output Barber Shop (DABOOBS) by Delphy


This program allows you to create non-replacement custom hair meshes for The Sims 3. It generates entirely new hair packages that can be placed in game, and contains all possible linkages and correct file assignments.

RightArrow.gif DABOOBS

  • MorphMaker by CmarNYC


This program is a tool to make new morphs for body meshes and new CAS sliders for faces.

RightArrow.gif MorphMaker

  • The Skininator by CmarNYC


Non-default replacement skins for the Sims 3 are here. This is a small program to create the necessary support files and package them with your modified skins, all ready to be put in the game.

RightArrow.gif The Skininator

  • Tattooinator by CmarNYC


Tattooinator takes your name for your tattoo, a 512 x 512 DDS file with the image, your CAS preset colors, and your sort order for CAS (high to low) and creates a package for the game.

RightArrow.gif Tattooinator

Object Creation


  • Sims 3 ObjectTool/Milkshape Plug-Ins by WesHowe


A tool to translate objects into a Milkshape-openable format, and plugins to allow Milkshape to manipulate that format.

RightArrow.gif ObjectTool/Plug-Ins


  • Assembly Generator by Digitalchaos


Allows the user to easily create new dll assemblies for an object, which will not override the core dll files.

RightArrow.gif Assembly Generator

  • EP Compatibility Tool by Digitalchaos


This utility allows the user to quickly set the EPFlags for various resources in a Sims 3 Package file.

RightArrow.gif EP Compatibility Tool

  • Sims 3 Object cloner (S3OC) by Inge & Peter Jones

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png - Linux and Mac support is minimal.

ObjectCloner is a tool intended to create new Sims 3 objects by copying and renumbering parts of an original game object.

RightArrow.gif S3OC

STBL Tools

  • STBL Duplicator by Digitalchaos


A utility to automatically copy STBLs across all languages.

RightArrow.gif STBL Duplicator

  • STBL Editor by Namethief

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

A simple editor to manipulate STBL text resources.

RightArrow.gif STBL Editor

  • stblc, the Crappy Command Line STBL Compiler by J. M. Pescado

LinuxLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

This is a crappy command line tool to compile STBLs from scratch. It accepts one or more input files in the form of a text/XML file.

RightArrow.gif stblc

  • STBLizer by ChannTL


This is a simple tool that allows you to create STBLs by batch-importing one or more CSV files.

RightArrow.gif STBLizer

  • String Tool by jonha & Peter Jones


Because writing translations with s3pi or other external tools is difficult and not very user friendly. Just select your language, open the package, change the texts, and either save it if you want to translate it for personal use/testing or export your translations as a stbl file to send it to the extension author.

RightArrow.gif String Tool

Package & Sims3pack Editors

  • Postal by Echo

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

The DBPF2 file format is used for most of the content in the Sims 3 engine. This project provides a Java-based API, and supporting GUI application, to unpack, browse, edit and repack these files.

RightArrow.gif Postal

  • Sims 3 Package Editor (S3PE) by Inge & Peter Jones

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png - Linux and Mac support is minimal.

This is a package editor, originally created mainly to test and demonstrate the s3pi library. It is now quite a useful package viewer/editor and packer in its own right.

RightArrow.gif S3PE

  • s3su by Peter Jones


A tool that unpacks Sims3Packs and also packs them up again. Useful if you just want to make a very small change in a resource within the package. Possibly unreliable for major changes or new Sims3Packs in case that should have required cross-referred changes across more than one file in the Sims3Pack. And it does require the user to know what should be in a Sims3Pack if you're going to try and make one.

RightArrow.gif s3su

  • Sims 3 Package Explorer by Okeanos


A tool to examine, extract, replace and modify Sims 3 package content.

RightArrow.gif Sims 3 Package Explorer

Pattern Tools

  • Delphy's Pattern Packager by Delphy


The Pattern Packager program allows you to add new Patterns (aka items that appear in Create a Style) to your Sims 3 game. Each Pattern can have up to 4 recolourable "palettes", which are defined on the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha channels of the source image.

RightArrow.gif Delpy's Pattern Packager

World Tools

  • ijLotSizes by Inge Jones

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

This mod allows you to add more lot sizes to your empty lots panel. You simply open the package and edit the XML that is called simlogical.LotSizesTuning (not the other XML).

RightArrow.gif ijLotSizes

  • Little LOTte lot editor by TigerM

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

Well, now you can make order of that chaos! Little LOTte is a simple lot editor that lets you adjust the beautiful vista buff for any lot, adding it or taking it away as you see fit. In addition, good lots tend to sell for more, and now you can say exactly how much or how little more!

RightArrow.gif Little LOTte lot editor

  • Neighborhood Workshop (formerly Save Game Editor) by TigerM


Sims 3 Neighborhood Workshop is the first incarnation of a save game editor with an attempt at a friendly interface. Right now all that it can do in a friendly manner is modify still life portraits your sims have painted. The full editing and viewing capabilities are still there as well, but there are numerous ways that using the advanced editor mode can screw up your games if you don't have backups.

RightArrow.gif Neighborhood Workshop


  • Any Game Starter 3 by jonha


This tool allows you to manage different game configurations.

It will allow you to create new game profiles with separate language setting and EP and SP configuration.

Reasons to use:

  • Have a separate game configuration with separate custom content for your (for example) medieval/zombie/futuristic world
  • Change the game language
  • Create a small game for example to test things or create content without waiting for hours to load everything
  • Easily create content that requires only the basegame or only some EPs, so you don't have to worry about accidental included items from other EPs.

RightArrow.gif jonha's Any Game Starter 3

  • FNV Generator by Snaitf


A tool to help creators generate unique resource instance ID numbers, and to decode existing FNV hashes.

RightArrow.gif Snaitf's FNV Generator

  • Sim Outfitter by CmarNYC


Can create new SIMO files as well as opening existing ones with the ability to add and remove CAS parts.

RightArrow.gif CmarNYC's Sim Outfitter

  • Simple Encoder for Making Hashes by ChaosMageX


A tool to generate FNV hashes from text.

RightArrow.gif Encoder for Making Hashes

  • The Sims Package Selector by Digitalchaos


If you mod for both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, with this utility you will only have to double-click on a package file and it will automatically load into the correct package editor (fully configurable, of course). This utility will associate itself as the default program for opening Sims2/Sims3 .package files. It will determine if it is a Sims2 or Sims3 package and pass it on to the appropriate package editor.

RightArrow.gif The Sims Package Selector

  • Small Editors by Delphy


A collection of simple VPXY, BoneDelta, FacialBlend, BlendUnit, CASSliderTemplate, GEOM/MTNF/TGI and RSLT editors.

RightArrow.gif Small Editors

  • TSR Workshop by TSR


Large tool encompassing several types of modding capabilities, including CAS and object texture and mesh editing. Note: Files created with TSRW may be incompatible with other modding tools.

RightArrow.gif TSR Workshop Download

RightArrow.gif TSR Workshop Discussion Forums

  • TSRW s3pe plugin by Peter Jones


Using this plugin in TSRW, s3pe will open with just the selected resource in it as a temporary package. Work on the resource as you normally would in s3pe. When you save and close the temp package, the edited resource will be automatically imported back to your Workshop project.

RightArrow.gif TSRW s3pe plugin

CC, Cheating & Other Gameplay Utilities

Custom Content

Package Installers

  • Framework Installer tool (Monkeybars) by Delphy


A tool to setup and verify the framework needed for package files to function correctly, including World Adventures support.

RightArrow.gif Framework Installer tool

  • TS3 Framework Installer for Mac OS X by Marhis


A utility to automatically install the framework needed to use .package files, and to create an alias to the Mods folder on the desktop.

RightArrow.gif TS3 Framework Installer for Mac OS X

  • TS3 Install Helper Monkey by Delphy


This tool will automagically set up your game so you can use custom content .package files for The Sims 3. Once set up, you can just double-click the files to put them where they need to go. No need to mess with Resource.cfg yourself or create any folders - just run the program, and from then on, you can just double-click the files.

You can also right-click on a file to send it to a particular folder, so you can have subfolders and keep your downloads organised.

This program is outdated, and should not be used!

RightArrow.gif TS3 Install Helper Monkey

Sims3Pack Installers

  • 3Viewer (Beta) by JFade

LinuxLogo.png - MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

A Sims3Pack installer, editor, and overall download manager. Similar to TS2's Clean Installer in function, with additional content management capabilities.

RightArrow.gif The 3Viewer

  • Sims3Pack Commandline Extractor by MarkJS


A drag&drop Sims3Pack extractor.

RightArrow.gif s3ce

  • Sims3Pack Multi Installer by Delphy


Unpacks Sims3Packs into package files ready for installation into Mods/Packages.

RightArrow.gif Sims3Pack Multi Installer

Combined Installers

  • Merlin by TSR

MacLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

Installs and uninstalls sims3pack and package files, with options to preview content before installing.

RightArrow.gif TSR Merlin

Other Content Tools

  • Indie Stone Mod Compatibility Checker by captainbinky


Quick compatibility checker for conflicting mods. Note: This program is not 100% reliable, and may miss issues or give false alarms. To be applied with an ample side of brain.

RightArrow.gif Indiestone Mod Compatibility Checker

  • Sims 3 Dashboard by Delphy


Dashboard is designed to let people easily clear the cache and identify problem content.

This tool has 3 main tasks:

  • To easily show you which games you have, whether or not they have a full framework, and to browse to that game's root folder.
  • To show you the contents of the Sims 3 cache files, and clear them.
  • To show you all of your custom content in .package format, and display any "corrupted" files, or Sims 2 content, or stuff that just plain wont work.

RightArrow.gif Sims 3 Dashboard

  • The Compressorizor Redux! by JFade


Compresses package files to save hard drive space. Use with care - some package files may cease to function after being compressorised.

RightArrow.gif The Compressorizor Redux

  • Recompressor & Decrapifier by J. M. Pescado

LinuxLogo.png - WindowsLogo.png

Recompressor: Compresses package files to save hard drive space. Use with care - some package files may cease to function after being recompressorised. Is compatible with JFade's Compressorizor Redux.

Decrapifier: Should fix all busted sims3packs that don't install correctly in the launcher, like those old TSR ones.

RightArrow.gif Recompressor & Decrapifier

  • TS3 Mod Manager by thetechnosim


This is useful if you have multiple people playing The Sims 3 on a single PC who want different sets of mods, or if you have different sets of mods that you wish to switch out on a whim. Basically, all this application does is allow you to create "profiles" with different sets of CC installed, and switch between profiles every time you start the game.

RightArrow.gif Mod Manager

Other Utilities

  • 3Booter & FPSLimiter by J. M. Pescado


3Booter - A potential fix for frequent crashing on load. If the game crashes within 30 seconds of an attempted start, 3booter will automatically restart it.

FPSLimiter - TS3 has sometimes been observed to run at a much higher FPS than is necessary, which could cause unnecessary stress to your graphics card. FPSLimiter limits the game FPS to prevent this.

RightArrow.gif 3Booter & FPSLimiter

  • Auto Cheater by Random667


This program allows you to assign hotkeys for any commands or cheat codes that you find yourself entering too often. Upon execution this program will launch the Sims 3 for you, and set your F1 - F11 keys to act as hotkeys that will automatically enter your chosen commands into the games console.

RightArrow.gif Auto Cheater

  • Sims 3 Identity Generator by 999z


Generate a full name, trait list, skillset, LTW and possible occupation based on gender, nameset and nationality.

RightArrow.gif Identity Generator

  • Sims 3 Language Changer by MarkJS


It's a rather simple application written in C#, in which its purpose is to change the default game language easily.

RightArrow.gif Sims 3 Language Changer

  • Sims 3 Log Generator by ShanOw


The log generator can be used by game help and support people and everyday players to help find out exactly what's wrong with their Sims 3 game.

Using this tool you can determine:

  • Whether the user's hardware is sufficient
  • Whether the game supports the user's graphics card
  • Whether package framework is correctly installed
  • Whether it is a game setting that is causing issues
  • What Custom Content they have installed

RightArrow.gif Sims 3 Log Generator

  • Sims 3 Music Manager by nickmacb


This program is designed so you can create playlists for your sims 3 game. Instead of Having to copy all your mp3 files that you want into your "Custom Music" folder in your sims directory, this program does it for you. Once you create a few playlists you can easily choose which playlist you want to play the game with and all the files will be copied into your sims 3 game.

RightArrow.gif Music Manager

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