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Speedy deletion template

Usage: {{speedy|reason}}

This page puts a bold red warning at the top of the page and adds the page to the Category:Candidates for speedy deletion.

It should be added as the very first line on pages that are obvious candidates for deletion (e.g. vandalism, test pages, etc.) and whose deletion would be uncontentious. For all other cases use {{delete|reason}}.


This page or image is a candidate for speedy deletion.</span> The given reason is: No reason supplied!

If you disagree with its speedy deletion, please edit the page and change {{speedy|reason}} to {{delete|reason}} and discuss your reasons on this page (or its associated talk page, as applicable).

If this page obviously does not meet the common criteria for speedy deletion, or you intend to fix it, please remove this notice, but do not remove this notice from articles that you have created yourself.

Remember to check if anything links here and the page history before deleting.
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