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Seasons Box art


You can add and control weather events, revel in seasonal activities and celebrate the holidays in style. Have fun all year round.

  • Experience a wide variety of weather types - Hot, blustery, cool, freezing, thunderstorms, snow. Every world's climate is unique. Summon thunderstorms, clear up overcast skies or jump between seasons. You can change the length of the seasons in the Game Options menu under seasons.
  • Revel in seasonal activities - swimming, roller or ice skating, make snow people.
  • Celebrate Holidays like Love Day and Winterfeast or create your own custom holidays.
  • Get a work at home job with the Gardening Career Grow your gardening career - Become an artful florist or sell your plants directly from the garden. Your sims can also use homegrown flowers for the Flower Arrangement Table and sell bouquets. If you own Get To Work open a florist shop and sell your arrangements.
  • Become genius botanist and join the Botanist Career which has several levels.
  • There is also a Botanist Aspiration that helps with gardening.


  • Death Flower - graft Pomegranate to an Orchid - A sim must give the death flower to the grim reaper to bring a different dead sim back to life.
  • Bee Box - The bees will pollinate your garden and provide honey to eat or sell.
  • Change the duration of each season from 7 days up to 4 weeks.
  • Gardening Career
  • Botanist Career
  • Purchase a Flower Arranging Table

Flower Arranging Table

Make sure your sim is in the Inspired mood when creating floral arrangements. They will earn skill gains and create better arrangements.

  • Level 1 - Your sim can make arrangements with Tulips, Holly, Daisy, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Bluebell, and Begonias.
  • Level 2 - Create arrangements with Roses, Snapdragons, and Crocuses
  • Level 3 - Additional arrangements can be made with Begonias, Dahlias, and Tulips. Add Scents from Snowdrop and Crocuses to make excellent-quality arrangements.
  • Level 4 - Create arrangements with Snowdrops, Lilies, and Christmas Roses. Add Scents with Daisies and Bluebells to make excellent-quality arrangements.
  • Level 5 - Create arrangements from Orchids and Birds of Paradise. Add scents from Roses and Dahlias.
  • Level 6 - Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented with Snapdragons and Chrysanthemums.
  • Level 7 - Add scents with Tulips and Christmas Roses.
  • Level 8 - Excellent-quality arrangements can now be scented with Begonias and Birds of Paradise.
  • Level 9 - Add scents with Lilies and Death Flowers for excellent-quality arrangements.
  • Level 10 - Excellent-quality arrangements can be scented from Orchids.

Floral Shop

  • Sell your arrangements for Simoleons!
  • Pristine flowers are only in that state for about 24 to 48 hours, then they go to normal and then to rotten.
  • Make lots of arrangements to increase your sim's skill level - the higher the skill, the more profitable the arrangments are.
  • It takes about 90 sim minutes to make arrangments.
  • If your sim makes masterpiece level arrangements, they can sell for thousands of simoleons.
  • Add scents at the table. You can also add moodlets.
  • Note:' Bluebell scent prevents arrangements from rotting.
  • The Scent of Life can make your sims immortal.

Floral Scents

Flower used as Scent Blessing Name What the Scent does
Begonia (Rare Flower) Cursed Giving a Begonia, a cursed gift, causes a 24h +3 dazed moodlet to the recipient.
Bird of Paradise (Rare Flower) Magnificence Gives a +2 Confident moodlet when Be Magnificent is selected.
Bluebell Timelessness Slows the rotting process. Plants will maintain Pristine freshness longer. .
Christmas Rose (Rare Flower) Slumber Click 'feeling drowsy' on the Christmas Rose. If the arrangement is on a table the Sim should head to bed immediately. If it is on the floor, the sim may go to sleep right there. While the Simis in stasis their needs remain full, however, they can sleep for a very long time until canceled. When they wake up from this hibernation, their needs must be filled again.
Chrysanthemum Friendship Gives a +2 happy moodlet for 2 hours. Giving it as a gift gives the same result.
Crocus Bee-Friending Produces a calming effect on beehives over an area of 6 large, grid squares.
Dahlia Mourning Click the Dahlia and select weep from beauty to give a Sim a +3 sad moodlet. It makes them very sad. The flowers do the same to the recipient when given as a gift.
Daisy Joy Daisies provide a +2 happy Joy and Sunshine moodlet when you click the Daisy and select joy and sunshine. When given as a gift, the recipient gets the joy and sunshine moodlet.
Death Flower (Rare Flower) Death Arrangements don't have any options when you click on it. Given as a gift forces the recipient to age up. Do this to an elder, and you'll get a ghost and tombstone on the lot.
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