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There are 2 worlds in the base game to get you started.

Oasis Springs

Oasis Springs Game Selection thumb
Oasis Springs World Map

  • 5 neighborhoods
  • 16 residential lots
  • 1 hidden lot

Willow Creek

Willow Creek Game Selection thumb
Willow Creek World Map

  • 5 neighborhoods
  • 16 residential lots
  • 1 hidden lot

And, more worlds with Expansion and Stuff Pack releases

Granite Falls

Granite Falls Game Selection thumb
Granite Falls Destination World map

Granite Falls is the vacation destination

  • 4 Lots
  • 1 Campground
  • Granite Falls National Park campground - 3 camp sites and 1 Ranger Station
  • 1 Hidden destination - Hermit's house

Magnolia Promenade

Magnolia Game Selection thumb
Magnolia world map

Your Sims retail destination

  • 4 Retail lots

Forgotten Hollow

Forgotten Hollow Game Selection thumb
Forgotten Hollow World Map

Vampires! Spooky, twilight world full of biters.

  • 5 lots
  • Spooky park
  • That was NOT a mosquito!


Newcrest Game Selection thumb
Newcrest World map

No occupied lots! A blank world for you to build in.

  • 13 unoccupied lots of various sizes

San Myshuno - City Living

SanMyshuno Game Selection thumb
SanMyshuno World map

City Living!

  • Apartments
  • Food Stalls
  • Arts Quarter
  • Spice Market
  • Fashion District
  • Uptown
  • No empty lots
  • Art galleries, Karaoke bars, lounges gyms, nightclubs, and apartments


Windenburg Game Selection thumb
Windenburg World map

Tudor style post and beam construction

  • 28 lots all together
  • 4 Neighborhoods
  • 2 Parks
  • 9 Community Lots
  • 13 Residences

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