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SP3 - Outdoor Living (Retail version 7.0.55)

2011 (7.3.2)
Patch 1.22.9 - (Patch Notes)
Region 1 - Americas Region 2 - Worldwide Region 3 - Asian Region 5 - Japanese Region 7 - Digital Download
from any [5.96 MB] Game not available for these regions from any [5.97 MB]

Quote from Nichaedemus, moderator of @bbs Tech section in this thread. Official EA Download Links for *Cumulative* Manual Updates

EllaMeshTutorial 07.jpg Quote:

IMPORTANT: The Super Patcher is designed to work with the SP3 game of any version number. After applying the cumulative patch your SP3 game will be brought to version 7.3.2. Despite the misleading SP02 notation in the filename (it should have been SP03!), this Super Patcher is indeed for The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff. .

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